Monday, July 2, 2012

Give me this Mountain- July 2, 2012

Dear Fullmer Family,
Well June is gone and July is rolling in! It's my 15 month mark today (note from Mother, it is actually his 16th month mark) which I cannot believe! It's a new transfer as well and I have to say I'm really excited for it! My new companion is named Elder ****** **** from St. George Utah. He's great! He's been out just under a year and has a ton of energy! He's 20 years old and is a fire ball! We're getting along really well and have a lot of things planned for this zone. It's his first time being a zone leader so I'm his ZL trainer.

It's been a lot of fun. One of the things we've been planning for this transfer is the zone challenge! For this transfer we came up with "The Amazing Race Miami Transfer- July 2012" We're really excited for it. So what it consists of is every week we give the zone a new objective in a confidential envelope to every companionship. Every week they need to do their best to acheive the challenge which will contribute to the zone vision (the goals for every week). It's really fun! (I'll forward this week's challenge to you). Mom, or Whitney or anyone, I was wondering if you could come up with a design of the Title, The Amazing Race Miami Zone Challenge July 2012 in the text or design of the show The Amazing Race. What we're thinking of doing is making a t shirt for everyone for the end of the transfer. It doesn't have to be done right away but if you can think about it and put your creative juices together that would be great!

So this week we weren't in our area very much but the time that we had to work was great! Saturday morning was an incredible one! We went around seeing the investigators to invite them to come to church or to teach them. We got in contact with an investigator who we hadn't seen in quite some time and taught her about baptism and how the Spirit will strengthen the family. She accepted to be baptized on July 14th.

Then as we were about to leave we went to go see an investigator whom we hadn't seen probably in 3 weeks. She was home and we went in. We said a prayer and she broke down into tears. She lost her job the day before and her life has been really tough. We talked about the blessings of the Gospel and she said that she wants to be baptized.
She also accepted to be baptized on the 14th. Then I had a strong feeling to go see ******. We hadn't talked to her all week but we went over there and knocked on her door and she wasn't there... We knocked again and no one. We heard the elevator open and she said, "Hermanos!" (which means brothers!) She's been working like crazy and I asked her if she had work tomorrow (Sunday) and she said she didn't. I asked her, "Do you want to be baptized tomorrow?" She said, "Can I?" Of course we said yes and then I remembered that we hadn't taught her the Word of Wisdom yet and it so in the hallway we taught her the word of wisdom. We taught her the blessings first and she was like, what is it? tell me! We explained it and she said she drank coffee every morning. We said it was revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith and she said, "I know that he's a prophet and that this is true! I won't drink coffee anymore!" The Spirit was so strong and we were really excited! The next morning we got a call saying that her work called and said she needed to be in at 9:00 AM. She couldn't get baptized yesterday but she will be very soon!

That's so wonderful to hear about Jazzie's baptism! I'm so happy for her!
Well, that's about all I've got to say for the week! I love you all so much and I know that we're all blessed as we go through hard things. Give me this Mountain! Have a great week!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

 (another note from mom... the picture is courtesy of a member in Florida who is town this week. Brian met him today)

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