Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"The storm cannot penetrate them" June 26, 2012

Dear Fullmer Family,
How are all of you doing? This week has been a great one in the area and in the mission. All is well! Concerning my tummy troubles no one really knows still what's going on inside. On Friday I was able to have a blood test so hopefully some conclusion will be made about what i need to do to feel better. Thank you so much for the package and for the info on Gluten Free diets. I hope I don't need to go on the diet but if i do I'm glad that there are so many alternatives out there.

Well as most of you know it's transfer week. We went in almost positive that one of us were going to get transfered and "the lot fell on Elder *****"... Man, i've read the first chapters of Nephi way too much... I'm a dork. Anyways, it'll be tough to have him leave since we've become great friends but we know that there are great things to come. I'll find out who my new companion will be tomorrow morning. He's got three more transfers left on his mission. I've got six more... I can't believe that! I'm excited though to work harder and more effective. I looked back in my journals and many memories came back and it hit me how much I've grown in such a short time. When you go day to day you don't realize the difference but I know that I've changed a lot.

Well this past week I was able to go out of the area a little bit and go on some exchanges. On Wednesday and I went to Blue Lagoon. It was a rainy day and we were scheduled to go out on bike. My companion for the day called up a recent convert and he said he's go out with us all day! He's so amazing! He was actually baptized by Elder Reese. If you see him tell him ****** says Hi! He told me one of the dreams that he had about going to the temple. He's so close to the Spirit, and as he described the dream that he had and it was incredible what was in his dream. He kept asking me what it meant and I told him to pray about it. It was really cool. He reminded me alot of the person we taught and baptized. He's going to go back to Cuba soon to baptize his family.
Super cool guy!

The next exchange I had was in downtown Miami. This day it was also POURING RAIN! We didn't have a ride, so i put on my poncho, got on my bike and went at it! We got SoAkEd! It was so much fun! We found some really cool people and had a great time.

As I have been studying the Book of Mormon this past week, I came across a scripture that brought great understanding to me. It is in Alma 26:6. The part that had great meaning where it says, "the storm cannot penetrate them." As I thought about that phrase I made a connection. Missionaries can be compared to three kinds of ships: barges, sailing ships, and ocean liners. Barges need to be dragged, sailing ships are great when the wind and the tide are with them, but ocean liners keep fighting their way through the storms. We need to realize that Satan will do all in his power to slow us down, to cause disappointments, to turn us into barges, or to make our sails go limp.
At these times, our love of God and faith in the Savior will take us through disappointments to our goals. In his final message, Moroni said we must have faith and hope and charity, and that where there is no hope their is only despair. "If ye have faith," he said, "ye can do all things" (Moroni 10:23). I know that when we do what we've been asked to do and not only go along with what everyone else is doing but do it for ourselves it makes the difference. It's amazing as you study the miracles that Christ did in the New Testament how miracles do not create faith. However, Faith creates miracles, in that order. I love this work and as we have faith, and exercise that faith, we can do the will of God daily. I love you all so much! Sorry that this letter is relatively short, but I love you lots!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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