Monday, July 23, 2012

Greatest Week in my Life- July 23rd

Dear Fullmer Family,
Que Pasa Mufasa? Well this week has been a great one! I think I've learned more in this week then in any other week of my mission, so you could say any week of my life. As I've been studying the Atonement basically everyday and including it in every single lesson that I teach my understanding has increased and my love for the work as also never been higher. We started this week well, last Monday, by going to downtown to do a little sightseeing. We went to the American Airlines Arena, aka Home of the MIAMI HEAT! It was really cool! However, as we were leaving the stadium to go see another place it started to rain, and I mean rain! We took the train downtown so we couldn't just get in our car. Let's just say we got a little wet :) We went down with the Sisters and we had a really fun time! Don't worry, I'll send pictures.

So for this week the challenge was to Baptize. We did our absolute best! We were working really hard with our investigator. We saw her pretty much everyday and she was set on getting baptized on Sunday. Two of the lessons that I had with her were some of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission. However, Sunday came and she didn't come to church. She was no where to be found... I fasted for her twice this past week and I thought I was doing everything I could for her. Yesterday was a tough day because I really was devastated. I knew of the blessings that she would receive that day and it was really hard for me to see her not accept it. I learned a lot about me yesterday realizing that I'm putting my heart into the work. Her family really is falling apart and I knew that she needed the Spirit and the blessings from the Atonement as soon as possible. It was tough for me to see her turn on them... However, when she didn't show up I felt peace knowing that I did absolutely everything that I could this past week to help her. We will continue to help her prepare and recognize more for herself and hopefully she'll accept it soon.

This past week as a zone we were able to have five baptisms which contributed to the mission total for the month of 102 baptisms! It was so exciting because this was the first time in mission history that we hit 100+ in only four weeks. It was very exciting to see the faith that the missionaries have to bring others unto Christ.

As we went out and harvested this past week we found an amazing family! They are the ****** Family. One of the coolest families I've taught. In the Family there are 2 parents and 2 daughters. Super cool family. The dad, is legally blind but has the biggest heart in the world. They said that if we need anything for them, food, laundry, a ride, or medicine, or anything that we could think of they'll do it for us. The mom was crying thanking us for coming and seeing them and practically begging us to give them our laundry for them to do. They said that since our parents are back home they will be our parents here. They accepted to be baptized and really want this for their family. We found out last night that they're not married but we're going to talk about the law of chastity tonight with them. We feel like they're going to accept it :) I love them so much and can't wait for them to be baptized!

Something else that happened this past week is that we had an amazing lesson with our other investigator, you know the one that graduated from BYU and isn't a member? Yeah, well we taught him last Wednesday about the blessings that come form the Atonement... Namely healing, strength and power. We really applied it to his life and raised up his desires. We asked him if he could have a key to receive strength to help him withstand the things in his life and the power to make changes for himself with the help of God how would it benefit him... He said it's looking really good to him. We explained that it's only through Baptism that we can receive that. He said that if he could just sign a paper he'd do it but he's just afraid of doing the ordinance. I've never had an investigator that's afraid of performing the ordinance. He's making big progress though. Yesterday he came to church and was there for all of sacrament meeting. He usually comes late and misses the ordinance but yesterday we were talking to him about how it was and he said, "I was wonderful. It was very reflective, like I was able to just look back on the week." He's so ready to get baptized!!! Also on Saturday there was a stake picnic on Key Biscayne. We weren't planning on going because we didn't have enough miles and we weren't going to have any investigators there but we got a text from our investigator asking us if we were going to go and if we needed a ride. So we went to Key Biscayne with him and his parents! It. was. beautiful!!! I love my mission! I can't even describe how beautiful it was. If you come pick me up, we're definitely going there! Amazing! ******** and his family really enjoyed it as well.

Well I don't have a lot of time left but I just want to bear my testimony that the Lord lives. His Atonement is available to everyone who follows him. As I've been studying it, my understanding on grace has increased as well. We definitely believe in Grace. However in the scriptures when the word grace comes up, if we put the words, "enabling power" (enabling power of the Atonement) in the place of it it makes it more clearer. For example, "for we are saved by (the enabling power) after all we can do." I love the Atonement and the blessings that we have available for us as we just come unto Christ and follow Him. I love all of you so much and I know you are being watched over and are being blessed. Have a great week.
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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