Monday, August 29, 2011

Fullmer in Florida (6 month mark) 8-29-2011

I'm not in Hawaii but whatevs... I just felt like doing that :) How is everyone doing? It's been so great to hear from all of you and hear how Utah's doing. Sorry to hear that school has started but that's life right? Everything here is going well. I was a little disappointed to hear that Hurricane Irene went North but I guess it's a good thing. I'll let Elder Mckean get some rain in NC. Well it's not that we didn't get anything. We got some wind and some rain but it wasn't really much out of the ordinary. However, since the hurricane we haven't really gotten any rain. It's been HOT!!! But I like it. However I'm ready for it to start to cool down a little... if it will ever. Vamos a ver (We will see.)

Well this Friday I will be hitting my 6 MONTH MARK! I really can't believe how fast time has been going. Esta Loco! Everyone keeps telling me that time just keeps getting faster and faster which is hard to believe because time is just going super fast. I can't even believe it's P day once again and that the transfer ends next week. It's messing with my brains!

Anyways... the work has been going really well. This past week we've really been focusing a lot on Harvesting because we need to find new investigators. Also as a zone, the Ft Laud Zone aka the Zone of Champions, has had a goal for the Month of August to reach 300 blessings through the Harvest. My companion and I have been really praying for strength to Bless the World one home at a time and we are doing just that. Every night as we prayerfully set goals we are excited for the next day to watch the Hand of the Lord guide us to those who are ready to receive this Gospel. We had some cool experiences.

We set a goal on Friday night to bless four homes on Saturday. As the time we set aside for Harvesting came we had a powerful prayer asking to acheive our goal that we set and we hit the pavement! We had a little bit over an hour to go Harvesting and when we had about 10 minutes left we had only blessed two homes. I said a prayer asking for Heavenly Father to provide us with two homes that are ready. I received a confirmation that our goal would be accomplished. I had a feeling to go cross the street and start knocking. Right before i was going to knock a door, I turned around and I saw a man sweeping his porch. We asked Him if we could bless his home and he said no because he just got home from work and was really tired. I promised that it would only take a moment and then we'd be gone. He agreed and let us in. We left a blessing which we could tell really touched his heart and we are planning to go back on Tuesday to teach him. However after that blessing we still needed one more blessing. We kept knocking for the next 5 minutes and no one opened up. We headed back to the car feeling a little disappointed but right before we were about to drive my compamnion told me, "We're going to get one more today. I don't know when but it'll happen."

We taught a lesson and it ended a little earlier than we thought and we had about 15 minutes before we needed to be in our appartment. It started to rain (Sorry I lied earlier... I guess it had rained since Irene) and we were thinking where are we going to get another blessing. We both thought of a family who used to be an investigator but hadn't been taught in a long time. We ran over there and they let us it. We asked if we could leave a blessing and they said they really needed one. We left it and set up an appt with him for the following week. It's amazing how the Lord provides a way to do what we need to if we really have the faith that He can help us. My testimony has really been strengthened this past week.

You asked about the wrong referral we had a few weeks ago and we taught them once already and have another lesson set for tonight. They're a really cool family and I'm so excited for the lesson tonight. It's gunna be awesome!

Update on snother investigator. We called them and they've been really busy and said they'll call us when they have time... I hate Agency sometimes! Just kidding... They'll call.

Mom you ask if there are a lot of Puerto Ricans? There are a ton! They are actually pretty easy to understand actually. They're very nice people. We have a few Puerto Rican's right now that we're teaching.

It's so exciting to hear about Alex Conner becoming an Elder. I'm happy for him! So Amy's part of our ward now? Crazy!!! The wedding's coming soon!

I'm so happy to hear that Marc liked his card. It was really fun putting it together and I knew that he'd love it. Did you like the lightsaber picture? Ya i found it in the appartment. Pretty sweet huh? Hahaha.

Well I got to get going. Sorry Dad I don't really know how to describe the scripture covers. I'll think about it today and hand write something maybe with a drawing or something. I love you all so much and I know that this church is true! My desires to serve have really increased this week with focusing so much on blessing other people. I love Harvesting! I wish every mission did it. We've seen so many miracles with it!
I love my family! Fullmer Family Forever!

Con MUCHO Amor,
-Elder David B. Fullmer

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011 Hello Family!

How are you all doing today? I hope you're all doing so well! Thank you for your letters Mom and Dad. It's always nice to hear from all of you! This week for me has been another great one. Another with not very much number success but very spiritually powerful.

Thank you for the news about Hurricane Irene. President Anderson let us know about it this morning so there's no need to worry about me. Everything will be fine. President Anderson wants all the missionaries to let their parents know that they want to keep all of their lines of communication open. Therefore if you need to get a hold of President Anderson, the best way is via email unless there is an emergency then you can call the office. They just don't want to be bombarded with so many calls about a hurricane that they are very well aware of that they can't communication with the people they need to get a hold of. So that's my little thing I'm supposed to say. Anyways...

This week has been very good. It sounds like it wasn't as busy as last week for you Utahns but it still sounded busy. Congrats on your talk that you gave Dad. Too bad you had to follow the musical number. It probably would have been better if you followed the musical number in my branch. It was the choir. I was the Pianist... It went pretty well but let's just say... Our ward choir might be better then them! However they love to sing so that's all that matters!

So exciting about school starting this week! I'm sure Marc and Sam just can't wait to get to class! School here started today. Many kids at church yesterday were a little bit depressed. I remember the days! Haha. Happy 24th Birthday Marc! I bought a card for him last week but I didn't have a chance to send it. It's an awesome card and i know he's going to love it! It's just going to be a little late... Good work on making a Powerpoint presentation Mom! Too bad you didn't get any credit for it... I'm sure it was fantastic! Bien Hecho! (Good work)

This past Saturday we actually got to have another Mission Conference. Very rare. We were able to hear from Elder Giddons from the 2nd Quorrum of the Seventy. He wanted to review and go over what we had learned from Elder Ballard the other day. It was really good. He told a story about a time when we gave one of his friends a copy of the Book of Mormon and said, "You need to read this." About two months later his friend came up to him and said, "Here's your book." Elder Giddons said, "How was it?" His friend said, "It was good." And Elder Gibbons responded, "that's not an acceptable answer... you didn't read it did you? Go home and read it. Really read it." It turns out that his friend got baptized later on. It's like what you said Dad, it takes action.

This past week we have had some success with the Harvest. We've given more blessings and some very good success with the members in our area. Yesterday in particular was very powerful. As we were explaining what the Harvesting approach (which is when we go into people's homes and leave a blessing on it) This family was getting very excited about it. They knew from the moment we told them about it it was something that they wanted to bless their friends with. Even before the blessing, the 13 year old son said that he as a friend he wants us to give a blessing to. We said that we would love to but first we wanted to leave a blessing with them. We left a blessing and it was very powerful. At the end of the blessing, the mother got up and went to get her phone. She called the mom of the friend of her son and asked if we could go over to bless her home. Apparently they had just gotten back from vacation about 20 minutes before the call and the mom was going to leave for work in about an hour. She asked if we could go over right now. She agreed and we left to leave a blessing.
As we entered the home of the family with the 13 year old son the mom came up to us and thanked us even before the blessing. She said, "We need a blessing on this home." After I offered the blessing I testified that the feelings that they are feeling are the Holy Spirit and asked when we could come by to teach them more about Jesus Christ. We set up a time for this week and we are very excited to see them again. It's been a really cool experience being able to leave blessings on homes. We seem to be getting into more homes through this approach than by any other way. It's a great thing!

Ohh ya, Dad you asked about the person who I gave a blessing to last week and I'm pleased to inform you that he's doing a lot better. He came out on an exchange with us this past week and he said that ever since the blessing he has had so much more energy and hasn't had to use a cane anymore. He said, "Never doubt when you give a blessing. You have to have faith." I'm glad that I was able to use this priesthood that the Lord has blessed me with to help other people.

Well that's about all that I have time to tell you all. It's been a great week and I know that this next week is going to be really good as well. I'm so greatful for all of my blessings especially for this opportunity that I have to serve in the greatest mission in all the Land. I know that I'm here for a reason and I just need to work my hardest with a smile on my face! I'm also so greatful for my family! You're the best! I love you! Have a great week.

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder David B. Fullmer

P.S. For my birthday, I've been thinking about it and I kinda want and iPhone. Maybe Stephen can hook me up? Just kidding... I don't really know. What do missionaries get for their birthdays? No se.... Ohh well, I'll think about it. Love you!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awesome week! 16 de Agosto, 2011

Dear Fullmer Family,

How is everything going? It sounds like you had a very exciting week with many things going on. Thanks for taking your time to write me though. It's always nice to hear from you! This week was such a great week. Yesterday we had a mission conference where the special guest was Elder M. Russell Ballard. It was such an amazing conference. He was accompanied by Elder Gay of the Seventy and it was a very powerful meeting.

Elder Gay was scheduled to speak first and then introduce Elder Ballard. However Elder Ballard beat him to the stand. He said, "What's nice about being a General Authority is that you have general authority. If President Monson was here however I don't know if I'd be doing this..." He went on to praise Elder Gay for all that he's done for the church. By the way, Elder Gay is an Area Seventy over this area. The two of them were on a short tour. In 2 days they visited 3 missions, and a military base. Elder Gay said that Elder Ballard wore him out. Elder Ballard had to be back in SLC yesterday but he insisted that he came to our mission to speak to us. So after Elder Ballard introduced Elder Gay, Elder Gay spoke about how we can improve our success. The first thing he told us we needed to do was to increase our faith. He said that if we increase our faith by doing the things that we need to do with a willing heart we will have more success.

The second thing he told us to do is to contact more people on the street every day. Therefore we will increase the number of our investigators. Then it was Elder Ballard's turn to speak. He spoke to us and instructed us how to become "Master Teachers." Most of what he talked about was what we need to do for ourselves to know the doctrine personally. He said, "We need to become Master Teachers so that we can teach any lesson at any time, to any person, anywhere”. He also talked about how important our calling is as missionaries. He included himself in that sentence. He said that he and all of us are doing the same work, the Lord's work. He said, "We are on the errand of the Lord." I'm not able to write all that happened or all that I felt but it truly was an amazing experience.

It also turns out that I didn't do the musical number for mission conference. They chose someone else but that is completely fine with me. The song that they performed was absolutely beautiful! I did get to be involved in the conference though... They asked me to lead the music! It was fun! As all of the missionaries were sitting reverently waiting, Sister Anderson got up and asked me if I would come up and lead the music. I did of course. As we were waiting for the special guest to come in, at that time we didn't know who it was, they asked if we could sing some hymns. It was such a nice way to start the Conference. Sister Anderson asked if I would choose some hymns to bring the spirit. It was wonderful! Yesterday will definitely be a day I'll remember for a long time. Also at the conference I got to see Elder Reese who is doing really well. He's still a little frustrated with the language but I'm sure he's doing really well. It was fun to see him and also my former companion along with the other Elders from Miami Beach Zone. Very fun!

Thanks so much for letting me know what's been going on at home. Sam's getting all ready for school to start! Exciting!!! I can't believe that Slagle's not going to teach Mads! I'm sure everything will go well though... It just won't be the same. Also that's exciting about having new neighbors and the opportunity to share the gospel more! That's also cool to hear about how you talked to a woman from Cuba. We pray every day that it will open up to missionary work. Slowly it's moving along.

How was the wedding for Robert? That's exciting to hear about.

Mom you said something about it being Hurricane Week on the Weather Channel and I just have to say that we've been getting a lot of rain lately. I call it the 2 o clock storm because it rains pretty much every day at 2:00. This last week we were visiting someone and teaching them outside because there wasn't a man in the home and as we were teaching we turned around and saw a HUGE storm coming in fast... We knew right then we were going to get drenched! We did! I have never gotten rained on so hard before. I thought my backpack was waterproof but apparently it's not all the way... My scriptures got pretty wet unfortunately. However I think I saved them for the most part. They won't be the same but it'll be a good story to remember.

You asked about our investigators. This past week we found 4 new investigators who have some pretty good potential. We weren't able to visit with A & A though because when we stopped by on Sunday, A (male investigator) wasn't home. A (the female investigator) felt bad that we couldn't come in but we have another lesson scheduled for Sunday. All of our other investigators aren't really interested at all so it's a little frustrating. Sometimes agency gets a little frustrating! Ha ha. But it helps me remember how sad it makes my Heavenly Father when He knows I need to do something but I don't. So I've been learning a lot this week.

Thanks for telling me about your reading in Ether Dad about the Brother of Jared. It's amazing how we learn new things every time we read the Book of Mormon. Yesterday in the Conference, Elder Ballard was talking about how we learn new things and he said, "Sometimes I read something and say, 'How long has that been there?'" So even Apostles learn new things when they read the Book of Mormon. Good luck next week in your talk. I'm sure you're going to do an amazing job!

I just want to say that I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. I know that He loves me personally. One way that I know He loves me is because I have my family. You're such a blessing to me every day. I know that He watches over us and protects us. Another way I know He loves me is by entrusting me with His Holy Priesthood.

Last Sunday I was able to give a blessing to a member of the Branch Presidency who has been suffering from some health problems. The spirit that I felt was so special. I really felt that I was an instrument in the Hands of the Lord. It's so special to have His Authority. We need to pray for opportunities to use this Priesthood daily because the purpose of having it is to help others. That's one thing that I've really learned throughout my mission. I love you all so very much! Keep praying! :)

-Elder David B. Fullmer

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pictures David sent in Marc's birthday card

David with Marc's birthday card. The Yoda postcard is from Whitney and Marc which arrived after David bought the card.

The card was complete with the Star Wars music playing as he opened it. Notice the nice watch tan David. 

Star Wars Guns. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 Que Pasa

Buenas Dias Familia!
I hope everything is going really well for all of you and that this past week has been absolutely spectacular! It looks like from the pictures that mom sent me you all look very happy. By the way, Sam, how freaking tall are you? I think you might be taller than me... Not good. 

Thanks for sending me some pictures from what's been going on lately. That looked like such a fun trip with that group. I'm sure you all had a BLAST! Let them all know how much I love them! When did you get and iPhone Mom? Did everyone? Esta loco! I'm glad that you're liking it though. 

Thank you for sending me the postcard from the Sacred Grove. It was really nice to see that and hear from you. Mail is awesome. By the way i did receive the shirts from missionary mall. Thank you again! Oh by the way mom, you said something about not puting the picture of me on the "sand" up on my blog. Just to let you know... so you know that I'm not breaking any rules... I wasn't on the sand! I was sitting on the pier thank you very much :) It sounds like you've been super busy mom. I hope everything works out great, and I know that it will because you're such a hard worker. The party at the zoo looked like a blast as well. Party party and then more party.

Well this week has been very good. It's been a little frustrating because we've had more than usual amounts of doors slammed in our faces but my companion and I try to have a good attitude about it. He is awesome. We get along really well and it just seems like we're always smiling which is very important. We're working through the tough times and trying to find the silver lining on every situation. 

I had a really cool experience this past week that I want to share with all of you. As we were following up on a referral that the Sisters gave us this past week, we went to go visit "Carlos" who was a friend of someone they met on the street who lived in our area. His address was 1800 _____ st (I don't know the name of the st... anyways it's not important) in a trailer park. As we got to the st there wasn't an 1800. Just 1801. As I was considering if we should knock the door it felt as if I had a little nudge. My compamion felt the same thing. As we got to the door, we knocked as asked if a Carlos lived there. She said, "Are you guys Mormons?" We said that we were and she said, "I don't know of anyone named Carlos. Right now's not a good time for me. Can you come back on Sunday and you can come in and tell us about who you are?" We said, "Of course!" So yesterday as we went to go visit them and their son they immediately let us in and kept asking us questions. 

I had a distinct impression to ask her, "How has our Heavenly Father influenced your life?" Then she opened up. She started telling a story about when she lived in Michigan. She said that she always saw these two men riding bikes all over the place. One day after seeing them she asked her friend, "Who are those people?" Her friend said that we were mormons and that we went to different people's houses. That was about seven years ago. Three days ago she remembered the missionaries that she saw and said a silent prayer in her heart, "Why don't the mormons ever come to my door?" Two days later we knocked on her door on a fake address. She said that she's been searching for a church for her family. They live in a trailer and barely have anything but they are so humble and loving. I can't wait to return to teach them again. The Lord truly puts us in the path of others who have been prepared. It was a very powerful experience for me.

Thank you Dad for praying for one of our other investigators. She came to church yesterday and is praying very strongly for guidance of what to do. Somehow she'll get baptized.
Thanks Sam for letting me know that you made Madrigals... NOT! But I'm really happy for you :) Carry the tradition! I'm glad that you showed Marissa the card.

Well just an update for next week. I'll be writing home on Tuesday because on Monday we have a mission conference where apparantly a very cool speaker will be coming :) Well I know that everything happens for a reason and that God loves us very much! I'm so happy to be out here. Even though some days are really long and frustrating and that the nights might be really long without much sleep, Heavenly Father is watching out for us and is leading us in the direction that we need to go if we will just listen to the promptings, and do what we know we're supposed to be doing. 

I love my family so much! You're what keeps me going everyday. I know that I was placed in this wonderful family for an eternal purpose. Thank you for all of your prayers and I know we're all being blessed everyday! I love you so much!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

Hey Everyone! Just to let you know, I'm online right now and I have a favor to ask of you. So this next Monday there is going to be a mission conference and they want to see if I can do a musical number for it. I wanted to sing the song "One Voice." It's from an EFY CD. Before my mission I tried to find the sheet music for it but i couldn't find it anywhere online. However by now there might be something. If one of you could find it and email it to me or try and mail it to me if you find it later in the week I'd REALLY appreciate it. If not could you just email the lyrics to me and I'll try to write an arrangement to it... Actually will you send the lyrics to me first? That would probably be best.
With much love,
-Elder David B. Fullmer
David's dad found the arrangement and Elder Fullmer was thrilled! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pictures sent Aug 1, 2011- Ties the YM sent

The 11th Ward YM sent David some missionary ties to brighten his missionary wardrobe! 

? Have no idea what they are doing??

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pictures David Sent on August 1, 2011

Elder Fullmer somewhere in southern Florida

Showing off his missionary tan

Elders with two sisters form the branch

Another day in paradise
Sisters and Elders with some man in Florida (If you have not guessed, the pictures were not labeled and we have no idea who these people are)

 Elder Fullmer, sitting on the pier and not touching the sand

August 1, 2011 Transfer Week

Dear Fullmer Family!
This week has been such a crazy but awesome week! Just to let you know, I'm alive and after this letter you will know where I am. It's too bad that the blog hasn't been updated with the transfer info. I'll ask President Anderson what's up with that. 
Anyways... My new area is... Riverside Park East area. This area is in Ft. Lauderdale about 20 minutes away from the mission home. It's a really big area, well a lot bigger than my last area which is probably the smallest area in the mission. My new companion is from Central, Arizona (which is actually not in the center of Arizona.) It's in the south west corner of the state. He's been out for about 9 months. He's a great Elder and we've been getting along really well. It seems like we've known each other for a long time. 
I'm serving in another branch again with about the same amount of members as my last area. In the branch we are serving with 2 sisters as well. It's been a little different working with other missionaries in the same branch because in Miami Beach we are so secluded from other missionaries. It's really fun though. The branch is awesome. 
No one in the branch plays piano whatsoever so I am officially the branch pianist... yay... I get to play for the choir and for all of the hymns in sacrament meeting. Now I wish I had practiced the hymns more when I was at home. But I get to practice quite a bit here. It's really fun and a good way to meet more of the members. 
The branch president is a really awesome guy. He and his wife are from Chile and they have lived in the states for about 15 years or so. We had dinner with them yesterday with the sisters and it was a really nice night. He is so humble and so giving and all he wants to do is help. For the 5th Sunday meeting yesterday he gave a lesson about how we need to be spiritually prepared and also physically prepared. He says that it is a neccesity to come to church because when you are here you get spiritually prepared for the week. He talked about Captain Moroni and how he prepared his army spiritually before he prepared them physically. It was a great lesson and the spirit was really strong. 
In this area we have quite a few investigators. Not many of them are progressing but they are slowly getting there. There was this one woman that we taught on Saturday who has been meeting with the missionaries for quite some time. We decided to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon with her and after the 1st paragraph she started talking about how last week she was really frustrated with work or something like that and she decided to read the Book of Mormon. She said that peace filled her heart and she received an answer that what she was reading was true. She testified that Jose Smith (Joseph Smith) is a true prophet and that this is the only true church on the Earth. I just wanted to baptize her right then! Haha. That's the problem though. She's been living with this one guy for a long time and she wants to marry him. He doesn't though. She can't get baptized unless she gets married or she moves out. Yesterday we fasted with her so that there will be a way for her to get baptized. I know that somehow she will get baptized soon. 
That Palmyra trip sounds like it was a blast!!! I hope that we'll be able to go there after my mission as a family. Back in Miami Beach they did the same trip with a bunch of families from the branch and they absolutely loved it! I'm so glad that you were all able to go. That sounds like such a fun group as well. Let them all know that I love them! I really want to go to the sacred grove someday. I'm jealous that you were all able to go but I'm very happy for all of you. Sorry Sam that you had to be on vacation on your birthday but I guess it's better than being at home by yourself watching tv... Well I hope you liked the superly awesome card that I sent you. I saw it and know that you'd love it! Haha. Thank you for telling me all about the trip though. Don't worry, I didn't get homesick, just a little jealous! Haha. I'm sorry to hear that it was so hot and humid.
This last week we were really low on miles on our car so for the past week we've been on bike! On Friday we biked 16 miles in FLORIDA! Then on Saturday we followed it up with 15 miles. It was SOOO HOT!!! But I've been living in it for about 3 months so I'm pretty much used to the humidity. I remember my 1st week was dreadful so I know how ya'll feel. (Ya'll...? Haha... I'm growing into the south i guess...)
Ohh ya Elder Reese! Last Wednesday I was able to see him! He's doing really well. He seemed really nervous about all of the changes going on but that's exactly how I felt. :) His new companion was actually in this area. They are serving in Blue Lagoon East which is in like Coral Gables... Miami. I replaced his companion and everyone here keeps telling me how great a missionary he is so I know that Elder Reese is in good hands. 
Well in this new area we live really close to the chapel once again which is a huge blessing! There is a family history library here so we come here to write emails instead of the library. I like it a lot more! Our apartment is nice. It has kind of a weird smell to it but after a while you just get used to it. It's so much more quiet here than my last area. I've been sleeping like a king! :) 
Anyways I hope everything is going well for all of you in SLC! I hope you all get to catch up on your sleep. Also I hope that Stephen's new job is going well. I'm interested to see what he gets to do there... Thank you also for the directory. If you can find a newer one that would be great but if not that's alright. Also I got a letter from Bishop DeJohn yesterday. Dad, you said that he's been sending me DearElders but I haven't gotten any of them. I'll make sure to write him back though. He's awesome! Also, my shirts from Missionary Mall haven't come yet either FYI (or PSI (por su informacion)). 
Thank you for all of your love and support. I have a feeling that this transfer is going to be the best one yet. It was really hard to leave my last area and say goodbye to the people that I have grown so close to but that's just part of missionary work. Now I get to meet more new people and add them to the list of awesome people! 
This mission is amazing and I know that the Lord is strengthening me everyday. He loves us all so much and we just need to always remember Him. He's there for us all the time. Being able to help Him in His work, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, is such an incredible blessing. I really have been finding the "joy and being led forth with peace. (My missionary scripture)" Thank you for all that you do for me! I love you all so much!
Con Amor,
-Elder David B. Fullmer