Monday, July 9, 2012

The Power of Introspection- July 9, 2012

Dear Fullmer Family,

How are all of you doing? I pray that you are all doing well and are safe. Everything is going really well here in Florida. Happy 4th of July! Our's wasn't very exciting at all. We worked all day however we did have great success! The good thing about holidays is that people are actually in their homes during the day :) It was a good day. There were fireworks all during the night but it didn't really bother us much.

This week we had the opportunity to go on an exchange with the Assistants which went really well actually. I learned many things especially on my calling as a zone leader. They were really pleased with how well we're working leading the zone and gave us things to improve on. We also did a training for one of our district leaders on their role as a district leader. It was wonderful :) Then later in the week we had Zone Leader Council. It was fantastic! So much was talked about but one thing that I really enjoyed was how they spoke about the power of introspection. There is great power to be able to look into yourself and see the things that need to improve. Not only is it powerful it's completely necessary. If you don't every look into yourself to see what needs to change there never is progression.That's what we've been working on in our own area and in our zone. As we've been doing that we've seen improvement and success. It was a great council :) I always love being in the Mission Home. There is such a special feeling there.

This past week we met with the husband of one of our investigators. We talked about baptism through the Book of Mormon and it was so powerful! He wants to get baptized with his wife. We're still waiting on her work schedule... Darn work. It will be soon :)

My favorite lesson of the week was with the young man we are teaching. We saw him on Tuesday night at a YSA activity and asked if we could go by and see him. We went over on Thursday to meet with him (in his mansion...) I had a strong impression while planning for the lesson to talk about the blessings of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We went in there and asked him what his goals in life were and where he felt like it was going.
He wants a family and to start a business and has these wonderful goals but when he talked about how it was going he wasn't sure. He feels like he's hit a road block not really sure where his life is going for him. We then talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how it helps us know the will of God for our lives in helping us make decisions. He perked up a little bit. We explained the difference between the presence of the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He's been having a hard time recognizing it. He's such a pure person and probably has never done anything wrong in his entire life so he feels the presence of the Holy Ghost a lot. To make a long story short he asked, "What do I need to do to get the Gift of the Holy Ghost." We said, "Baptism." He wasn't very happy to hear that. He asked, "is there any other way besides baptism?" Nope there's not. He made big progress in that lesson and yesterday he came to church and loved it!!! He'll be getting baptized soon :)

So for the past couple weeks we've been having choir practice... AKA the worst thing in my life!!! Hahaha. It's so funny. If you think our choir at home is bad, it's ten times worse in a Spanish ward! My companion absolutely loves it :) He just goofs off and is having a blast :) the choir is supposed to sing next week when President and Sister Anderson are going to speak in the ward. Definitely not looking forward to that... It's definitely an experience.

Well all in all this has been on of the best weeks in a while. We've been seeing great success in the area and in the zone. As I've been studying the Atonement this past week it really has made me realize the necessity of following Jesus Christ. There really is no other way. I love this Gospel and this work! The Lord is with us! I love you all so much. Please keep me in your prayers :)

con mucho carino,
Elder David B. Fullmer

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