Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Update April 30th

Happy last day of April! I really can't believe another month is over.
I'm almost at my 13th month mark... Wait, no it's my 14th! I can't believe it! Also, I can't believe it's almost Mother's day. It seems like we just Skyped :) So my church is from 11-2, what time is yours at? If I remember correctly you probably have afternoon church right? We're planning to skype in the evening with a family in the ward so we'll get the details for next week and let you know exactly what time it'll be at. My companion is a Spanish Elder just so you know. Someone asked me.

Well this week has been a pretty good one, nothing really spectacular happened. (Then he wrote about something that happened in his zone) You probably remember the letter that I sent home during one of those hard weeks and it's helped me realize how much I've grown spiritually and emotionally... not really physically with all of the Cuban food... My perspective has changed completely and my understanding of the work has increased. I love this work and there is nothing I'd rather do. Thank you for sending me that quote by President Hinckley. Things will work out! They always do!

I'm glad to hear that President **** sent you a letter. Yeah, that was when I was on the exchange with Elder ********. He's an assistant and he's a great Elder! He really helped me see the joy again in the work and some areas that I need to focus on. Exchanges are great things to be able to learn new things and to get more energy for the work. It was actually at our investigator's house. (The man who just got baptized and his wife who we are teaching) 

On Saturday was the stake's Day of Service. We worked with a company called Rebuilding Together Miami. This is a company that works with many other sponsors to help others who live in rough conditions rebuild their homes. We worked on a home that was in really bad shape. We tore down the ceiling in the kitchen and but up drywall. Then we painted one of the rooms and also did other things outside. There were about 300 volunteers which worked on about 15 different homes. It was a great experience!
I'm glad that the member was able to come by with my stuff. I forgot about that! It was so long ago! Yeah, her mom is really hard to get a hold of since her phone doesn't work most of the time. She has a car so she has a ride. She came to church last week and loved it. There are members in the ward working with her. I've got a picture of my shoes, (He got a Christmas that didn't fit and were the wrong style) sorry I should have told you about it sooner. Thanks for putting up with me :)

We have the privilege of teaching this new family. Actually he is a member who served a mission a while ago who's gone in-active and she had been investigating the church for a long time. She's gone through six sets of missionaries but she's incredible. She worries so much about certain things but she has such a good heart. I feel she'll be getting baptized soon!

Well that's about all I've got to say this week! Thank you for all that you're doing for me. I hope you're all doing well! I pray for you always and know that the Lord is guiding you all and protecting you. I finished the Continuous Atonement and realized there is so much that I don't understand. My companion showed me something that I really like. He drew a small circle and said "here is what you know". Then he drew a bigger circle around the small circle saying, "here is what you know you don't know". Then he drew an even bigger circle around the two circles saying, "here is what you don't know that you don't know." Ha ha. Everyday we learn new things but there is always something more to learn. Everything will work out! I love you all so much! Talk to you soon :)

-Elder David B. Fullmer


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