Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23rd, 2012 letter and pictures

Dear Fullmer Family,

Thank you for your letters and for your love that you've shown to me this week. It's been a great week for us down in Kendall. I'm pleased to announce that the investigator we have been teaching got baptized on Saturday. His wife wasn't quite ready yet but we're confident that she will be baptized soon. He is amazing. I talked about him a lot last week but he just keeps amazing me. We met him two weeks before his baptism and he probably could have been baptized even sooner than that if he was able to. He made significant changes in his life giving up coffee, tea, and alcohol in a moment. His mother, and siblings are all against him joining the church but he said He knows his promise that he makes with God with somehow, sometime, change their hearts. He said, "I need to be the example for them. They don't know what their missing but someday they will follow me. I'm going to bring them to the light." He's taught me so many amazing things in the short time I've known him and he will be a great leader in the church.

This just goes to show that the Lord prepares His people. I have been thinking about the goal to have a baptism in the home ward and how some people say not everyone will be baptized by that day. It's true, not everyone will be ready, but someone will. They can find a person like the one we just baptized in Utah. He's out there, just have the faith to find him.

My companion baptized him on Saturday and I confirmed him on Sunday... When we asked who should baptize him he couldn't choose so guess what we did? We flipped a coin! When we handed the coin to him, he closed his eyes, folded his arms and said a prayer. It was awesome! Not many people came to the baptism since it was a rainy Saturday morning but it was probably the most spiritual baptism I've had. It was wonderful.

On Sunday, since the gym floor is being refinished we weren't able to open up the overflow so people needed to sit on the stand. The person who was just baptized sat on the stand on the front row and I thought to myself, "He looks good on the stand. He's gunna be a Bishop someday." Haha.

I'm glad that you were able to get the letter from President ____. He's in the stake presidency in our stake here and he's an amazing guy. He's come to a few lessons with us to see the couple we taught and in the last one we had he shared his story as a convert. Both of his parents were against him getting baptized but he did it anyway. He knew it was true and he followed what he felt. Neither of us knew that story but it was one of those miracle lessons that helped strengthen his testimony. President ____'s son is waiting for a visa to go to Argentina. He's waiting in McCallin Texas. Is that where Elder Litton is?

Sorry about the Publix charge on the card. As we went to get groceries last week there was a problem with my mission card and wouldn't go through for some reason so I needed to use it. I've forgotten to pay the towing charge back to the mission so I need to take that money out this week... FYI.

Well that's about all I've got this week. Sorry it's a little short but yeah. Tomorrow I'll be going on an exchange with the Assistants Fun Fun! I can't believe they're already planning next transfer!

Time's flying. Well I love you lots! Keep me in your prayers! This work is true and I love it. Have a wonderful week!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

P.S. You should send me pictures. I love them!

Ya gotta love the black socks

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