Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas December 17, 2012

Dear Family,

Well this week has been a wonderful week! It's been a bit different with everything going on but it's been one full of memories! This week we were privelidged to have a mission conference to celebrate Christmas! You all saw the picture that President sent and I was doing so well in not blinking in the pictures!

Christmas Mission Conference. Elder Fullmer is on the back row (ninth from the left) His eyes are shut :)
 However there was only one picture that I blinked in and it just so happened to be the picture that he sent out to everyone! Kinda disappointing but oh well, what can you do :) But really the conference was so special. We started off with a delicious lunch with prime rib, green beens, FUNERAL POTATOES (I was on an almost two year withdrawal), and pumpkin pie. The food was so good!! We then played a white elephant game where I brought a piggy bank that was made out of a coconut! It was so cool!! I ended up with a stocking holding a notebook inside... Pretty lame but that's alright. After that we had the zone musical numbers. We went first and I have to say it went pretty well. Not perfect but it went well.
Homestead Zone- Photo taken from Bill and Mary's blog

We sang O Holy Night and it was nice! After all of the other zones performed we all went into the chapel where President Anderson gave a message to us. He compiled testimonies of prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ and put them to music. It was so spiritual and I loved it! He gave each of us a CD which I have listened to multiple times. I also like it cuz the music is by John Schmidt :) It's been a while! All in all it was a great meeting and it was so fun to see all of my fromer companions and other missionaries that I haven't seen in quite some time. It was probably the last time I'll see most of them so it was a bit difficult.

Thank you so much for the 12 days of Christmas! It is so much fun to open all of the things and feel a little bit more like Christmas. Actually last night I had a dream of a white christmas... Pretty sure I'm not going to have one this year :( Ohh well! I've got the beach. I'm not sure about what time we'll be skyping. We'll be emailing next Monday (Christmas Eve) and we'll know for sure when we'll be able to skype. It's hard because so many people are going out of town so we're not sure when it will be at. However we'll let it worked out! sorry I'm out of time today but I have a favor to ask of you... If you haven't sent my Christmas package yet could you include any sheet music you can find? Especially the Pall Cardall book that I have? That would be wonderful! I love you all and look forward to skyping with you this next week!
-Elder David B. FUllmer

Sorry that this email was so rushed... We had a survey to fill out for President.

Note from his mom: His ulcer has also been acting up again. Please keep him in your prayers so he can endure to the end. Here is the email from President Anderson

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