Monday, December 10, 2012

Feliz Naughty Dog! December 10th

Dear Fullmer Family,

One of his favorite Stake Leaders came to visit
 This week has been another great one! I don't have much time today so sorry if this letter is a bit shorter than normal. But it's been a great week! As you somehow already know, my new companion is named Elder *******. He's so great! He's from Lexington Kentucky and has been out on his mission for about seven months. I asked him when he was born and when he said April 1993 I felt really old... AHH!! He's a great missionary! He's Spanish is pretty good for only being out in the field for a little time. Also, he's very musical. He's an incredible pianist and knows his stuff about music It's a lot of fun! This past week we put together a musical number for the zone to perform and it's going to be amazing! So we're going to perform "O Holy Night." We're going to have a piano duet (he and another missionary), an eight man choir and a soloist! It's going to be awesome! I can't wait to see it all put together. I was put in charge of it by the zone leaders and it's quite difficult to get everything put together all the way down in the Keys. Luckily the senior couple are helping out a lot. So for the choir we wrote it out by ourselves and I have to say it's legit! It's a lot of fun having a musical companion again. No Dad, he doesn't have a southern accent :) Haha.

I have a cool story to share with all of you! Yesterday as we were harvesting I actually was bit by a dog... That wasn't the cool part of the story but bear with me... So it was a pretty good bite. We got to the trailer where we called up the mission nurse to see what I should do. She said I needed to clean it out with hydrogen peroxide (which we didn't have and we couldn't buy any since it was Sunday, so we started to think of some members to call.) As I was about to call a certain youth in the branch, when the phone started to ring and it was him! I said, "I know this is random but I just got bit by a dog, do you have any hydrogen peroxide? (I made sure not say Hydrochloric acid... I know you all were thinking it...) He said he did and told us to meet him at his house. We got there and as I was cleaning it out I remembered that he called me and I asked him what he called to ask me about and he told me he'd ask me later. We went outside of his house and I sat down and asked him what was up and he expressed concerns about going on a mission.This young man is 17 years old and is preparing for a mission. He reminded me of myself at his age and as we talked, the spirit was so strong. He called the branch president right there and asked if he could meet with him this week. I testified of the Atonement and of how it changes people. I gave him my copy of "the continuous Atonement" and I testified of how the Lord sees him as who he can become, not only at his current state. I felt so honored that this young man, who we have been utilizing in missionary work, trusted me enough to come and ask for advice. I'm grateful that the Lord took a not so ideal situation (me getting bit by a dog... by the way I'm okay) and changing it into a life changing moment for both myself and this young future missionary.

I love this time in my mission. I'm seeing how the Lord is strengthening me and puting me in a place where I won"t just "end" my mission but where I will "finish." I remember a quote that President Hale said, "Finishers wanted!" I'm going to finish. By the way, could you get in contact with President Hale and invite him to my homecoming whenever we find out when it will be? Thanks! Well I love you lots! Have a wonderful week!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

Note form his Mom: David will most likely give his homecoming talk on March 10th. (Meeting starts at 10:50 1565 Foothill Drive, SLC, UT)

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