Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Family,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Lurky day and stuffed yourselves well! I definitely did and had a great Thanksgiving! It was nice to be able to have Thanksgiving with the ***** family. They are such a great family and I'm grateful for their hospitality. The food was amazing! I'm definitely going to miss Thanksgivings with 70 degree weather but ohh well... 

I can't believe that Christmas is less than a month away... Honestly there really isn't anything that I need or want. I was thinking about it and there really isn't anything. Actually, a new belt would be nice. With me coming home a couple months afterwards I don't think I need anything but if I think of anything I'll let you know. An iPhone 5 would be nice :) Haha. Thank you for the 100 days till I die package that you sent me! I know you didn't want to focus on the short amount of time I have left but that is EXACTLY what my companion keeps reminding me of. Everytime time someone asks how much time I have left he, without hesitation declares, "94 days!!" or something like that. So thanks Mom :) The caramel apple was amazing and I really like the Apple shirt. My favorite part was the compilation of memories from throughout my mission. I loved being able to rememer all the things that have happened and to see the change that has happened within myself.

This past week we had a baptism!! ******** was baptized! I have never seen anyone have so much opposition before he got baptized and also after he got baptized. Satan was working hard on him. The morning of the baptism, he could not get out of bed. Every fear was entering into his mind and he said, "I was ready to give up!" He was up since 4 AM and the baptism was scheduled for 9AM. He was mulling over everything and was fearful of what to do. When it got to 9:15 we got a bit worried and the senior couple drove over to see what was going on. The man who was to be baptized described it as an angel came as an answer to his prayers. The missionary related to us afterwards of the spiritual experience he had as he talked to Orlando. The man got in the missionaries truck and came to the church. I had the privelidge to baptize him and he felt so amazing! As we came back after changing my companion gave a talk and then as he sat down, a man walked into the church and stood up and started preaching how the baptism we had performed was wrong. I had never seen anything like it. We went over later that night and the man who was baptized was struggling a bit with his family. He's in a hard situation but what he's beginning to learn is that Christ can take pain and frustration away. He's a great man and we were so happy to see him be baptized.

Besides having the baptism it was kind of a difficult week. Well even the baptism was difficult. No one really wanted to see us and it was kind of tough but we're looking forward to this new week:) I can't believe that transfers are next week... It's been going by so fast. I really hope my companion stays. We get along really well and we're having a lot of success. I don't see him leaving but there is a chance... Who knows.  Someone asked about Key Limes. I haven't seen any key lime trees but I have seen a key lime pie :) I had my first one this past week! SO GOOD!!! Way better than the one I made back in SLC :) Haha. Hopefully I'll see one soon. I don't think it's really lime season right now but maybe I'm just blowing snow since I'm not from around here. This past week we have been spending the majority of our time on bikes since we are running short on miles but I'm not complaining. This is probably the best place in the USA at this time to ride your bike. The weather is absolutely beautiful and you just feel like a missionary when you're riding your bike :) It's been fun! I have some pictures to send but I'm not really sure how to attach them to this tablet but I'll do my best :) Anyways, I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
-Elder David B. Fullmer

He wrote his letter while lying in a hammock on the military base. 

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