Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day- Letter 6-15-2012

Dear Fullmer Family,
Thank you for your great letters and it's too bad that the letter never made it to you... I hope it works out in the end. Happy Father's Day Dad! I hope it was a good one. Sounds like that the trip down to Moab was good. I've always wanted to go to Arches NP. I'll have to go after the mish. This week has been pretty good. Unfortunately our investigator didn't get baptized. Her new job that she got changed her schedule last minute and she has to work on Sundays... We're going to try and get it changed so she can get baptized this week. The recent convert we taught, passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday and it was awesome!
He had been practicing all week. He also gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting and the closing prayer in gospel principles. In the gospel principles class the teacher brought cookies and asked him to
bless the cookies... He looked confused and said, "How can I bless the cookies?" The teacher explained and he went along in the prayer. In the prayer he said, "Por favor bendice los cookies..." He's got a few
english words that he knows and just throws them in now and then. It was great :)

Well this week my stomach has been really acting up so I said, alright I'm going to call the doctor. I called the mission health missionary and she said she didn't know what to do so she called the regional medical doctor and he called me. He asked me all about it and all of my symptoms and he told me he thinks it might be a Gluten intollerance. He's not positive but advised me to start a gluten free diet... EVERYTHING HAS GLUTEN IN IT!!! Haha. It's alright though. To be positive I'm going to be having a blood test this week to be sure of what's wrong with me. So I might have the "funny cow disease" or also known as Siliac (Celiac) (Get it? Silly Yak?) hahaha.... So hopefully everything works out and if you have any food suggestions that don't have gluten they would be appreciated so I don't die :)

Yesterday we gave another musical number in the ward. It went well. We sang "I know that my Redeemer lives." The ward isn't used to having musical numbers and I think they like it. They're all used to having four  hymns every Sunday and we've had many comments how it's a nice change. A member in another ward asked me if I could accompany her to the same song that I played last week for a funeral next Saturday. I don't really want to do it but I accepted. Who knows? We might end up getting someone to teach out of it.

While we were Harvesting yesterday we had a great experience. We were knocking one side of the street and we weren't having any luck... Everyone was rejecting us and we just about changed areas when we came to the end of the street. However we felt like we needed to go to the otherside and keep going. So we did and the first door that we knocked was a woman who is a single mother of two children and since we couldn't come in (mission rules) we talked to her outside and said a prayer with her. She said that we came at the exact right moment. Her life has been very difficult for the past few months and was just about to write a letter to a famous Baptist pastor when we knocked on her door. She accepted to be baptized and we're excited to visit with her on Tuesday.

We had interviews and apartment inspections with President and Sister Anderson this past week. We got the cleanest apartment in the mission award and the nicest washer and dryer in the mission, including the mission home. I don't want to judge but Sister Anderson was on the verge of coveting those babies. Haha. They're really great and I love them a lot!

This morning I was reading Jesus the Christ, my new favorite book and when it was talking about Christ walking on the water there is a quote that I really like. It says, "Into every adult human life come experiences like unto the battling of the storm-tossed voyagers with contrary winds and threateneing seas; ofttimes the night of struggle and danger is far advanced before succor appears; and then, too frequently the saving aid is mistaken for a great terror. As came unto Peter and his terrified companions in the midst of the turbulent
waters, so comes to all who toil in faith, the voice of the Deliverer-- 'It is I; be not afraid'" I really like this because in our lives sometimes we mistake the things in our life that are helping us as things that are against us. But as we continually have the Spirit with us, the comforter, He will testify to us of truth and of the things that are there to help us. I know that the Lord loves and is watching over us. I love you all and I'm grateful for your love that you give me.

Yesterday there was a talk where the youth compared our Father in Heaven sending His son into a world of trouble to fulfill His mission to Fathers sending their sons into the mission field not knowing what's out there. I'm greatful for you Dad and I love you for the trust and the love that you show towards me. Happy Father's Day!
Have a great week!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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