Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3rd letter

Sorry, I was trying to be like President Monson on Saturday Morning! Gotta Love President Monson! How is everyone doing? I'm doing well. It was great to hear about how everyone's doing. It sounds pretty crazy getting ready for the wedding but I'm sure everything will work out in the nick of time! Hopefully Stephen won't be walking into the temple as the sealer is just about ready to marry them... (Reference to President Monson's talk when he was dedicating the temple and announced the speaker who wasn't present.) I know that you're doing the right thing Stephen and that the Lord is helping you along the way. 
Well General Conference was wonderful wasn't it? It's always nice to be able to receive direction and revelation for ourselves. Some talks that personally spoke to me were... well many of them. However one in particular was given by President Uchtdorf (Surprise!) on Saturday morning where he said "You Matter to Him!" That really pierced my heart and I knew that it's true. 
Another that I enjoyed was given by Carl B. Cook where he stressed, "It's better to look up." The talk given by Elder Hales was very powerful about why bad things happen to good people. The Spirit was very strong during his talk and I could feel the importance of his message. A quote from his talk that I enjoyed was, "Each of us is more beloved to ur Heavenly Father than we can imagine. We need to be more kind to others and we need to be more kind to ourselves." I find myself many times being too hard on myself and making the situation even worse. There were so many talks and messages that I loved that I could go on and on... 
Wait I can't go on without talking about Elder Holland's talk during Priesthood Session. Not many people can speak like Elder Holland can. Some people needed a little "singe in the eyebrows." Missions are so important and we need to be so worthy to be able to bring others unto Christ. I like how he said that we can direct others to the right path if we are on the wrong path ourselves. It doesn't work. Again how he stressed how we can't be out of bounds and then expect to play. It was very powerful and I'm glad he stressed the importance of that issue.
Well this past week has been very busy for us. We were able to teach the couple we are teaching about Chastity where they found out that they cannot be baptized. The man has such a strong testimony of this gospel and said, "Thanks for telling us. I wouldn't want to start my new life already sinning." They both know the importance of the baptismal covenant and it is something they both really want. As we brought up marriage they said that they needed sometime to talk about it. We left them with the Proclamation to the Family to read and to read it together. We came back on Friday and they said that they want to get married. They're not sure when but we're going to get the ward to help them as much as possible to help them get married soon! We watched "Together Forever" with them and it only helped. As we were preparing for the lesson we talked with the sisters and they said, "You need to make them fall in love Elders!" Mom you said that I need to watch out or the sisters are going to pass us up... Too late! Haha. They're awesome!
Well one of the other people we are teaching didn't get baptized yesterday... She still doesn't have a new job. We talked to her and it just doesn't seem like she has that great of a desire to do it. She said that she'll get baptized if it works out that way but it doesn't seem like she's willing to work hard for it which is sad... We'll keep working with her though.
That's so sad to hear about Jacob... That must be so hard to deal with. I can't even imagine! The Lord is with them though. No matter what the circumstance, The Savior and His Gospel will help. I know that the Lord loves us and He is aware of our situations. He loves us more than we can ever come to understand. We matter to Him! I encourage you all to study the scriptures and to study the words of the prophets. They are words for us. Today. As we study our notes we will receive even more revelation and guidance. I don't have as many notes as in the MTC only 29 pages... :) Study, Ponder, and Pray. I know that the words from Conference are true and that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator. This is the Work of the Lord. Please keep me in your prayers. The mission is difficult but it's worth it. I love you all!
Fullmer Family Forever!
With Love,
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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