Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still in Riverside Park, Sept 6, 2011

Hello Family!
Well we received the transfer information last night and we found out that my companion and me will be staying together in Riverside Park. I was really glad to hear this because we are a really good team and we've been working really hard. We haven't had any baptisms yet but some are just around the corner. Thank you so much for the 6 month package that you sent me! It was great! I love those soda things. Awesome! Also those Hi Chew things are possibly my favorite... Yum! By the way i found out that my companion's favorite candy is Pez so if you want to send a little extra of those the next package he'd love you forever! 
Also about the Subway card. We were so happy to go to Subway the other day but when we got to the register the man said... "You only have 39 cents on this card." and then he threw it away... I said, "There should be $25 on it." He gave it back to me so I just used my debit card. I went home, called the number on the back to check the balance and it says that there are 25 US dollars. Maybe we'll try a different Subway next time and I'll ask him to check it before we order our sandwiches. Thank you though for the love in the letters as well. I haven't burned my tie yet... haven't had time... but it will be incinerated momentarily! 
It sounds like it's been a great week for college football and for Highland football. I love football season! That's so cool to hear about Washington S... I'm not even going to try and spell his name... Baptisms are such a spiritual experience. The Sisters in our ward had a baptism on Sunday where a man got baptized. A few weeks ago he was smoking 40 cigarettes a day and now he had completely quit. It was amazing to see the baptism take place. 
We have a date set for next Sunday for an investigator of ours. She's been taught for about 9 months and couldn't get baptized for so long because she had been living with someone who she wasn't married to. A few weeks ago he was deported... unfortunately... but now she can get baptized! She's been going through so many hard things because now she has to support 4 kids on her own. We talked to her a few days ago about getting baptized and she said that as soon as she can get baptized the better... So we set her for this Sunday! The only problem is that she works on Sundays. She's been looking to find a new job and we said that the Lord will provide a way. We've been praying so hard for her to be able to find a new job so she can get baptized on Sunday. 
Also this past Sunday some investigators who we've been teaching for the past couple weeks, made it to church and really loved it. At church I felt the prompting to bear my testimony. I was thinking about what I would say and a scripture in Alma 7 popped into my mind. (Alma 7:11-13). I bore my testimony about how important the role of Jesus Christ is for everyone and especially how important he has been in my life. As I was speaking and reading the scripture my Spanish was pretty much perfect... As I was speaking I was amazed at how fluently I was speaking. I realized it was because I wasn't focused on how I would say what I wanted to say but rather I was focused on bearing my testimony. Afterwards My companion said, "Your Spanish was perfect!" I know that the Gift of Tongues is real. When we are focused on others and not on our selves the Spirit is able to help us.
This week has also been very successful in the Harvest. Since the last letter we had about 65 blessings to go before reaching our goal of 300 blessings for the month of August. The final day, August 31st, we needed to get a total of 29 blessings to hit our mark. It was more than we had ever gotten before. The zone leaders told us to give it all we had in the Harvest. They also said to send a text message about every blessing that we gave to the zone. Our phone was buzzing like crazy! At the end of the day we blessed a total of 47 homes as a zone! IT WAS SO AWESOME! As a companionship we blessed 6 homes, one of which was a Jewish home who loved the blessing. We'll be going back to teach them about Jesus Christ. This week has been so amazing!
Thank you Dad for your scripture that you sent to me in Moroni 8. That as well is one of my favorite scriptures!
I love you all so much and I just want to say that I know that this work is the work of the Lord and I am so privileged to help others come unto Christ every day! How great is my calling! He loves us so much and wants to bless us! Have a great week!
-Elder David B. Fullmer
P.S. We went sun-rising this morning so I'm going to try and send some pictures.
P.P.S. I was also thinking about what I wanted for my birthday and I thought of something. Sometimes my English scriptures are a little too big and I think it would be nice to have a smaller copy especially for my personal study... I don't know why but I like small scriptures. I like the compact triple and bible (the ones that are separate (in black)) It's just a thought... I'll keep thinking though. I've got a couple more weeks.
I love you!

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