Monday, August 29, 2011

Fullmer in Florida (6 month mark) 8-29-2011

I'm not in Hawaii but whatevs... I just felt like doing that :) How is everyone doing? It's been so great to hear from all of you and hear how Utah's doing. Sorry to hear that school has started but that's life right? Everything here is going well. I was a little disappointed to hear that Hurricane Irene went North but I guess it's a good thing. I'll let Elder Mckean get some rain in NC. Well it's not that we didn't get anything. We got some wind and some rain but it wasn't really much out of the ordinary. However, since the hurricane we haven't really gotten any rain. It's been HOT!!! But I like it. However I'm ready for it to start to cool down a little... if it will ever. Vamos a ver (We will see.)

Well this Friday I will be hitting my 6 MONTH MARK! I really can't believe how fast time has been going. Esta Loco! Everyone keeps telling me that time just keeps getting faster and faster which is hard to believe because time is just going super fast. I can't even believe it's P day once again and that the transfer ends next week. It's messing with my brains!

Anyways... the work has been going really well. This past week we've really been focusing a lot on Harvesting because we need to find new investigators. Also as a zone, the Ft Laud Zone aka the Zone of Champions, has had a goal for the Month of August to reach 300 blessings through the Harvest. My companion and I have been really praying for strength to Bless the World one home at a time and we are doing just that. Every night as we prayerfully set goals we are excited for the next day to watch the Hand of the Lord guide us to those who are ready to receive this Gospel. We had some cool experiences.

We set a goal on Friday night to bless four homes on Saturday. As the time we set aside for Harvesting came we had a powerful prayer asking to acheive our goal that we set and we hit the pavement! We had a little bit over an hour to go Harvesting and when we had about 10 minutes left we had only blessed two homes. I said a prayer asking for Heavenly Father to provide us with two homes that are ready. I received a confirmation that our goal would be accomplished. I had a feeling to go cross the street and start knocking. Right before i was going to knock a door, I turned around and I saw a man sweeping his porch. We asked Him if we could bless his home and he said no because he just got home from work and was really tired. I promised that it would only take a moment and then we'd be gone. He agreed and let us in. We left a blessing which we could tell really touched his heart and we are planning to go back on Tuesday to teach him. However after that blessing we still needed one more blessing. We kept knocking for the next 5 minutes and no one opened up. We headed back to the car feeling a little disappointed but right before we were about to drive my compamnion told me, "We're going to get one more today. I don't know when but it'll happen."

We taught a lesson and it ended a little earlier than we thought and we had about 15 minutes before we needed to be in our appartment. It started to rain (Sorry I lied earlier... I guess it had rained since Irene) and we were thinking where are we going to get another blessing. We both thought of a family who used to be an investigator but hadn't been taught in a long time. We ran over there and they let us it. We asked if we could leave a blessing and they said they really needed one. We left it and set up an appt with him for the following week. It's amazing how the Lord provides a way to do what we need to if we really have the faith that He can help us. My testimony has really been strengthened this past week.

You asked about the wrong referral we had a few weeks ago and we taught them once already and have another lesson set for tonight. They're a really cool family and I'm so excited for the lesson tonight. It's gunna be awesome!

Update on snother investigator. We called them and they've been really busy and said they'll call us when they have time... I hate Agency sometimes! Just kidding... They'll call.

Mom you ask if there are a lot of Puerto Ricans? There are a ton! They are actually pretty easy to understand actually. They're very nice people. We have a few Puerto Rican's right now that we're teaching.

It's so exciting to hear about Alex Conner becoming an Elder. I'm happy for him! So Amy's part of our ward now? Crazy!!! The wedding's coming soon!

I'm so happy to hear that Marc liked his card. It was really fun putting it together and I knew that he'd love it. Did you like the lightsaber picture? Ya i found it in the appartment. Pretty sweet huh? Hahaha.

Well I got to get going. Sorry Dad I don't really know how to describe the scripture covers. I'll think about it today and hand write something maybe with a drawing or something. I love you all so much and I know that this church is true! My desires to serve have really increased this week with focusing so much on blessing other people. I love Harvesting! I wish every mission did it. We've seen so many miracles with it!
I love my family! Fullmer Family Forever!

Con MUCHO Amor,
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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