Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26- Happy 20th Birthday

Hello Familia,
Well this week has just been a little different. First of all I turned 20 years old! Pretty crazy! Thank you so much for your gifts that you sent me! I love them so much! My mission companion absolutely LOVED his Pez and Donald Duck Pez container. He can literally empty a pack of Pez into Donald in about 5 seconds... He's a pro! Haha. Also thank you so much for my new mini scrips! They are so boss! My Zone Leader saw them the other day and said, "I am totally coveting these things right now!" I love them! 
And I think I'm set for candy until Christmas so don't worry about sending me any more. Haha. I don't want to sound ungrateful but there are a few little things that I've realized that I would kind of like... It doesn't need to be right away but whenever you can. I absolutely love the October issue of the Ensign and Liahona and I was wondering if I could possibly get a copy of my own so I can mark it up. My companion and I get a copy but we need to share them and it would be nice to be able to get one for myself. I know... Selfish... Also with my new SWEET scriptures if you know of any SWEET scripture markers I'd love to be in on some! I want them to look just as amazing inside and outside! Plus, Mom could you possibly make an even smaller Patriarchal Blessing copy that would fit in my teeny tiny scriptures? I messured and it would be about (5 1/2"/ 3 1/2") Would that be possible? And finally I'd love to have any printed family pictures that are available. Any from last fall? I'd be happy with anything :) One thing... Sorry... As I was reading about how to care for my SWEET new scriptures it says that there is a warranty on them. In my bigger quad some of the pages are falling out in 3 Nephi and i was wondering if it was covered under the warranty. Could you find out about that? 3 Nephi is kinda important... Don't want to lose it :)
Anyways... Time to tell you about what happened on my birthday! So I woke up and we went to go exercise! We went to go lift some weights and I put up 180 big ones on the bench! It started out to be a great day. We came home, opened my gifts and was loving life! My family's the best! We had a full day of lessons planned... but pretty much all of them cancelled except for the couple planning on getting baptized, who are awesome! Before we went to their lesson we visited a family in our ward to wanted to give me a cake so we just had to make time for that... :) It was and Ice Cream Cake... "Mint Chocolate Chip!" (Actually it wasn't but it was still very good!) That was fun! Then we headed over to the couple's home we were teaching.. We planned to have the Sister's come with us to teach them because the Sister's have magical powers with investigators so we thought it wouldn't hurt to bring them along. What I didn't know is that the Sister's, along with the ward mission leader, had planned with the couple we are teaching to surprise me with a little party! They totally got me! It was so much fun. So I got to blow out candles with their son Oscar who is 4. It was awesome! 
So as the husband we are teaching, went to go get pizza we were talking with his wife and we found out that they aren't married... That put a damper on things. Why doesn't anyone get married anymore!!! So frustrating! So on Tuesday we get to teach them about the Law of Chastity and hopefully we'll have a wedding pretty soon! So that was a little disappointing to say the least. So we went home pretty sad but optimistic that they're going to get married and felt pretty good about it. Then all of a sudden I got super sick. My stomach was not happy and, lets just say I got cleaned out.... Always something on my birthday right? Ohh well. So Friday night was not fun... And Saturday was rough with a fever of 102.4... But I'm feeling better now! :) So it's been a pretty crazy week...
Another investigator Update! So she still hasn't found a new job... We're thinking that she is just kinda expecting for something to happen so we need to explain to her that it requires faith our action for something to happen. We still think it's possible for this Sunday and keep praying that it'll happen! She's incredible though!
That's awesome that you were able to see Brother Reese. His son is actually isn't in Miami Beach right now. He's in Miami the city. His companion  was my current companions, last companion.  He has one more transfer than me. It must be really difficult but I'm sure things will start to turn around soon!
Well I hope this week has been really good for you all! I'm so excited for this next weekend where we'll be able to hear from the Prophet and His Apostles. I think this is going to be the most powerful General Conference that I've had so far. I teach people everyday why it's important to have a Prophet and my testimony has grown so much about the importance of a Prophet and now we get to hear from a living day Prophet! 
I invite you all to pray this week for answers to your prayers and for the ability to recognize them. I promise that there are answers and things for each and every one of you personally. We just need to be humble enough to recongnize them and be receptive to the spirit to change our hearts. I know that this work is the work of the Lord and He's guiding us all! I love you all so very much!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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