Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 From the Beach

Dear Family,
Today has been such a great day! We decided since it was one of the last p- days for my companion that we'd do something special. Most of the missionaries from the zone met this morning at about 5:45 to go watch the sunrise. There in a little pier type thing that goes out over the water, but we don't touch the sand! It was beautiful! There were some big clouds that blocked the sun but it was still very pretty! It was nice to see the ocean... Which was my first time! It was fantastic! I was tempted to take a little swim but I'm happy to tell you that I resisted the temptation. 
Anyways this week has been quite fantastic. It's been a little different because we has pros Monday and P-day on Tuesday. Plus we had Zone Conference on Thursday all day but it ended up being a very good week. The musical number went really well and I think it sounded really good, just sayin... :) I woke up with a slight sore throat but it went away by the time that we needed to sing. 
President and Sister Hale talked about the topic "Follow the Keys." It was their last Zone Conference so it was kind of weird having everyone talking about going home while I'm just starting. Also having everyone talking to my companion about going home but I'm still happy to be here. 
The topic "Follow the Keys" means as long as you follow those who hold the keys everything will be alright. It was very reasuring and the spirit testified to me that all would go well with the new mission president. It will be different but it'll all go well. 
It makes me very happy to know that it was a beautiful day yesterday! I'm very happy. I'm also glad that you got my card just in time! :) Sorry but that cake you made for dad doesn't exactly sound very good... But I'm sure since you've been on the diet again it tasted wonderful. And I'm also glad that you were able to have a BBQ. We went to a member's house last night and I ate the best meal that I have so far on my mission. They barbequed some beef (on a stick) my cooking knowledge has left my brain and I can't think of the word. Anyways they had rice and beans, which I have grown to love, and plantains. It was very good! Finished off with some watermelon. So we both ate BBQ yesterday! 
We had a scheduled baptism for this Saturday but unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity to teach him at all this past week because his house was being fumigated... of course! He is however going to be baptized on June 18th! It's sad however that my companion won't be here for when he'll be baptized. It's going to be strange having a new companion. Also it'll be very difficult because everyone will be asking me questions, instead of my new companion, and it'll be tough because i don't understand them. It'll be tough but it'll go well. We've gotten really close and we've been working really hard so getting a new companion will be difficult. 
This next transfer is going to have many changes. In zone conference Sister Hale said, "The only constant thing in life is change." It will definitely make me stretch and it's going to be difficult but everytime you stretch, you grow. However we have decided as a companionship to have this week be the best week. We've set some big goals but we're going to get it all done! 
Time is going by pretty fast. Some days seem very long but when I look back it's gone by very quickly.
Thank you all for your letters. It's so great to hear about what's going on back home. What's this about the young men going to Palmyra? That sounds really fun! Thanks for ordering me a card reader. Then you can see how beautiful it is here. Well I know that this is the Lord's work and that He guides me and protects me. It's definitely not easy and it's really hard work but it's the most important work. I just need to remember to keep going and endure, with a smile! I love you all very much. Nothing brings me more joy than my family. I'm so blessed to have such a great one! I pray for you everyday and I know the Lord is watching over you all. I love you!
With love,
Elder David Fullmer

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