Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011 - Transfer Week on the Beach

Hello Family,
I cannot believe that the transfer is almost already over. I sorry that I forgot to tell you that on transfer week, P day is on Tuesday so I hope you didn't get too mad when you didn't receive a letter yesterday but hopefully you'll enjoy this letter.
This week has been really good. We've been working really hard and I have come home absolutely exhausted every single night. We've been meeting with a lot of the members to get them excited about the temple ground breaking on Saturday. Also in connection with Temple Saturday, we are having something called Invitation Sunday. This is when all the members in the mission, within the 4 stakes, invites their friends, family, and neighbors to come to church on Sunday. The goal, mission-wide, is to have 400 non members attend church this Sunday. It's pretty exciting. As a branch, we have a goal to have 15 non members attend church. By the way it's looking, we could easily exceed our goal. 
The branch is so excited to be a part of missionary work. It's really cool! This past Sunday was a day that will be very hard to forget, not that I want to forget it, but it was very special. During church we had 3 walk-ins come, which are 3 people who aren't members who came in unexpectedly. One is a man who's son almost died last year through drug abuse. Since that moment he's been searching for the truth. He's attended many different churches but doesn't feel confortable in the churches. A member saw him on the bus and asked him to come to church. We're planning to teach him tonight so I'm very excited about it. 
After the block on Sunday, the branch threw a surprise farewell party for my companion. He had no idea about it and it was really special. They were all in the relief society room and they all said how much they love and appreciate him. It was cool. Although I felt a little worried because I was the one who was going to be there when he leaves... Ohh well I just need to keep working harder and harder. 
We couldn't stay long at the party because we needed to go to Plantation, the mission home, to have my companion's final interview. There are blessings with having a companion that's going home. I was able to go and spend a good part of the day with the Hale Family. 
They wanted us to stay for dinner, actually they forced us to :) As we were preparing dinner, Sister Hale and myself, a large storm came through and took out the power. We prepared roast beef french dip sandwitches by candlelight and ate by candlelight. It was a very special opportunity. Not many people get to have dinner with the Mission President and his family, let alone cook with the mission president's wife. We had so much fun together. She said that after our missions we should start a catering company! Haha. 
Ohh ya, last Saturday it was President Hale's 50th Birthday, just a few days after Dad's. Anyways we thought it would be nice to make him some brownies since we'd see him the day after. So on Saturday we made two batches of brownies. It was nice to be able to cook! So much fun. Anyways, we surprised President Hale with them along with a card and he loved it so much. This experience will be remembered for a very long time. They're an incredible family. When Dad wrote about how our dwellings become homes I thought about the Mission Home. That home is centered on the Gospel and the Gospel is always being taught in that home. The spirit inside is so strong and comfortable. I always love going inside. It is a place of safety, not only from rain and lightning, but it is also a place of safety from the storms of life. It was a great experience.
Anyways to answer some of your questions... The baptism for this Saturday is for a man (name not mentioned on the blog) He's such an incredible man. We found him my first day in Florida and now he's preparing to be baptized! Really cool. He's very excited and loves to read and come to church. I remember the first time he came to church the word he used to describe how he felt was refreshed. That's how we're all supposed to feel as we partake of the sacrament. Refreshed because we have the opportunity to be clean from our sins and start over and remember the promises that we have made through covenants. It was amazing to learn this from someone who had only been to church once. 
I always loved Stake Conference! It's cool that you were able to sing in the choir mom. I miss singing in a choir, however we sing in every lesson that we teach so I haven't been lacking on the singing. Happy Anniversary on June 20th! I can't believe all the kids are going away for Father's day... Terrible. Thank you for your example Dad. Unfortuneately I can't call home and wish you happy Father's day... I hope it's a wonderful day along with your anniversary. 
It's too bad that the Heat lost... Actually I wanted Dallas to win. Don't tell anyone down here I said that because I probably wouldn't be on my mission for very much longer... if you know what i'm saying... Ha ha. That's so cool that you were able to be at the temple. I miss going... My companion gets to go tomorrow. I'm a little jealous. But oh well.
So tomorrow I get a new companion. I'm anxious, scared, excited, and a bit worried but I know it will all work out. I have a feeling he's going to be a pretty young missionary so we'll have a lot of opportunities to learn. I'll be sure to tell you all about him next letter... unlike another missionary who also had the same name as me :) Sorry Steve!
But I'm excited. It's going to be a wild week but it'll be good. Thank you Spokane Fullmers fro writing me. Thank you for your love and support! I love you all! Thank you all for your willingness to share what's been going on and for sharing your testimonies and your love with me. You're all wonderful! I know this is the Lord's work and His glory. I need to remember and learn from Jesus Christ and His Atonement every day. Only through Him are we able to return to our loving Father in Heaven! I love you!
-Elder Fullmer

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