Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011- Fullmer in Florida

Dear Fullmer Family,

How are all of you? I hope that you're all doing really well and everything is going just perfectly! This week in Miami Beach has definitely been an interesting one. Our teaching pool has been pretty small so for a lot of the time this week we've been knocking doors and talking with everyone that we meet. It's been difficult for me because I'm not really that type of person to just stop someone on the street and talk to them about the church. However that's what I'm supposed to do as a missionary so I've been trying my best to do it. 

We said as a companionship that we're going to be "smashing some shells" this week, meaning we're going to break out of our shells! My companion is pretty shy like me so we both need to be smashing some shells. He's such a great missionary. We have our differences like every companionship but we've been working through them trying to be the best companionship as we can. We're working hard. Along with doing a lot of finding throughout the day we meet a lot of crazy people. Believe me! There are a lot of crazy people here in Miami Beach! Haha. Ohh well, it brightens my day seeing some crazy people now and then. 

This past week we went down to South Beach to contact a referral that we received. Let's just say that I'm glad we don't go down there very often. It's a very beautiful place however...  A lot of people who need to repent, let's just put it like that. 

Mom, I'm sorry to say that I haven't received your letter through snail mail yet. I think it takes about 4 days to get home from here (me sending something home to you) and about 5 days when you send something here, because it takes an extra day with the office. Anyways it always brightens my day to see mail in the mail box at the end of the day so send any mail that you want. 

Thank you Whitney and Marc for the post cards that you sent me. I'm sorry to say that the Yellowstone wooden one broke in half someway along the way to the beach and I only got the side that had the stamp and my name on it... The written part was gone... It was pretty depressing, not gunna lie. But thank you for the effort!

This week has also been pretty tough knowing that I'm going to miss another wedding. I've had a little bit of home sickness and sometimes it's been a little difficult to stay positive. However the Lord is helping me through and helping me focus on the work. 

This week an incredible thing happened with our investigator. Last Sunday we found out that he isn't married with the person he calles his "esposa"... wife. It was at the end of a lesson we gave which kinda put a damper on everything. However as we prayerfully prepared to how we were going to tell him he can't get baptized if he's living with someone he's not married to without offending him or scaring him away. We realized that we just needed to tell him. We did that yesterday and he said, "I guess that would be a problem... Well I guess I need to talk to her about getting married! It's better that then having to leave her so I can get baptized!" It was awesome! He has such a strong testimony of the church and is so willing to change to be able to live the commandments. So even though I might not be there for Stephen's wedding, I'm going to be able to go to our investigators! Haha. It's pretty cool to see what people will do when they know it's true.

Alright... Now to respond to what everyone said...
Youth Conference sounds like it was pretty fun... Not gunna lie, not as fun as some other years but I'm sure it was a spiritual experience. I miss going to the temple so that's probably what I would have done most. You're right, If you went to Hawaii for Christmas I'd be a little upset. It's alright though, I'm living in paradise anyways! Ha ha. 

This past week we found a new place to go running in the morning. We went exploring one morning on our bikes during the time we have to excercise and we found a little trail that goes along the beach but we're not touching the sand. So pretty much I get to go running on the beach every morning. The trail is about 3 minutes away from our appartment. Jealous much? I would be! Haha. 

This week the Hale's depart from presiding over this mission. Actually today at about 3:45 President Anderson arrives and takes over. Many changes. Mom you asked about the oldest son of the Hale? He's already on a mission right now in Southern America somewhere... Maybe Peru. He's doing really well from what I've heard. 

It's been raining pretty much everyday here. Luckily we've been inside when the large storms have hit. I'm sure sometime soon I won't be as lucky so we'll see... I'm excited for Stephen and Amy! October 21st sounds perfect! Hopefully Stephen will be able to be up in time for the wedding at 9:00 AM. I'm sure all will be perfect! Sorry Sam that it's over UEA but that's life for ya! Ha ha.

Anyways, with a difficult week behind me I really have seen how much stronger I am. A mission is most definitely the hardest thing that I've ever done. It takes everything out of me but I love it! I love being able to tell people that "I am a representative of Jesus Christ and He has a message for you." It's an amazing calling and the Spirit that I feel is amazing. I know Heavenly Father is watching over me. He loves me and He loves all of you so much! Keep praying for me! I love you!

-Elder David Fullmer

P.S. Thanks for starting the blog Mom! Hopefully I'll be getting some pictures to you soon.

P.P.S. Concerning the ties, just pick some that are colorful, with cool patterns like plaid or whatever. Sam, just pick some you think I'd like! Ha ha


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