Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011- Happy Mother's Day

Dear Family,
It was very nice to be able to talk to all of you yesterday and to be able to see all of your faces! It was such a privilege to skype and it definitely made my week. I love all of you and I miss you! 
Things are kind of tough here in Florida. The transition is difficult with the language barrier, a different lifestyle and home sickness. However, I've definitely been blessed very much. I have a wonderful companion, who is working hard to make sure I have a good first area. He's been out for almost two years. He's in his final transfer. So I'm in my first and he's in his last. My role is to make sure he doesn't think about going home and his goal is to make sure I start out my mission well. 
It's kind of weird living on my own but I think I'm going to be just fine. I pretty much told you all yesterday about my area and my mission so far. The members are incredible. They don't have very much of anything, but what they do have they are willing to give to the missionaries. I'm so blessed to be in this area. 
Yesterday at church, they asked if I would bear my testimony to the branch which I of course said, "Claro" which means "Of course." I went up and bore my testimony, or what I could say in my Spanish and then sat down. A member of the branch presidency spoke after me and what I didn't understand my companion told me. He said, "This is the second time that I've heard Elder Fullmer bear His testimony and it is also the second time that the spirit has testified to me that He has been called of God. There was no mistake why he has come to this area at this time." 
He's such an incredible member of the church. It seems like I've known him and his family for a long time. He values his family so much and would do anything for them. He has such love for the church and for the members of the branch. There definitely is a reason why I'm in this area. 
A couple days ago, we went and visited a less active member of the branch. Her husband is not a member but is wanting the missionaries to teach him. The other day he wasn't feeling well but we still went over to their house to teach her. I wasn't sure what everyone was saying, catching a word here and there but towards the end of the lesson I had a very strong impression to bear my testimony. I didn't really know what to say but I just started talking. I ended up talking about the importance of prayer and how we can know the Book of Mormon is true and how we can be strengthened by the Lord through prayer. I just kept going and going. At the end I was in tears, and everyone else was also. It was an amazing experience. 
In the scriptures, I'm not sure quite where, but it says something along the lines of open your mouth and it will be filled with the words of what to say. I botched that but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. That is definitely true.
Another Spiritual experience that happened to me this week was right after I Skyped with all of you yesterday. My mind definitely was back home and wasn't very focused I have to say. However we had an appointment to go teach a girl, who is 15 years old. Her mom is a member along with her Uncle. However when we got there, her uncle invited a friend to come listen. We taught the first lesson to her. I actually said quite a bit in the lesson and my Spanish is getting better every single day. At the end I gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She asked if I would write my testimony in the front of it. She realized I was still learning Spanish and asked if I would write it in English. She wanted me to write the feelings of my heart and not be limited by the language. I did this, which was the first time I've ever given a Book of Mormon to anyone. I just kept writing my testimony and the words of what to write came into my mind. They were laughing at me because I was writing so much but I'm glad that I wrote the things that I did. They gave us some food afterwards which was pretty spicy I might add, but very good. 
She wants us to keep teaching her so we're going to teach her again on Sunday in the member's home. She definitely seems prepared to receive the Gospel and I feel very privileged to be able to teach her. I'm excited for the next lesson. 
It's great to hear about Uncle Gary and the blessings that he has from all of the changes. I really wish I could go to the temple as much as he does. It really is a blessing and I loved being able to go every week in the MTC. You all should try and go to the temple more. I know you all will be blessed from it.

Something funny that happened to me this week was when we were at the chapel waiting for someone to show up to go on exchanges with us, a man was walking by, looked at me, stopped and said (in his British accent), "You look just like the Prince of England!" I laughed and talked to him a little and then he walked away. I'm pretty sure he was drunk but it was still funny.
Concerning my iPod. If you don't receive my letter (hand written) it talks about the rules for music. I'm only allowed to listen to music that is sung my the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So if you could take those songs that are not by them off I'd appreciate it....
Anyways I should probably get going. We've got some things that need to get done. I love all of you very much and I know that this church is true. I know that being a member definitely doesn't make life easy but through the Atonement and through prayer, the Lord helps us through our trials. Have a great week and keep praying for me. I love you!
-Elder David Fullmer

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