Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011 6th week letters

Hola Familia!
Only a few more weeks until the warm sunny Florida! It's snowing here right now and it just might be the last snow I see for 2 years. It's weird to think about. 

This week has been an incredible week. It's gone by so fast so it's been good. General Conference was incredible! I took 36 pages of notes! President Shumway, my Branch President, told me about what Elder Scott said a few years ago. He said to study your notes from conference, ponder, and pray to ask if there's anything else that He wants to you know. Write down what comes to your mind. Then, ponder and then pray and ask if there is anything else He wants you to know. Continue until you don't receive any more revelation. Elder Scott said that every time you ask, the revelation got progressively better every time he asked. I invite you all to do this.

I really enjoyed President Packer's talk about not taking offense with others. I think it was in response to his last conference address. Many people this conference talked about pain and overcoming challenges and also talked about hard times to come. Elder Nelson spoke about death and also about dark times to come. He said, "We need to have unfailing faith for the dark days to come." I remember that someone talked about how it will always be unpopular to be a Mormon and how it will continue to be harder to live the doctrines of the Gospel. I also really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood Session. It was really good. 

My favorite talk however was given my Elder Scott. Most of his talk didn't apply to me because I'm not looking for my wife right now, but I just loved how he talked about the importance of a family. I loved when he talked about playing with his kids when his wife told him to stop fixing the washer machine. It made me think of you Dad and how many memories I have with you. Elder Scott is an incredible man and the respect and love that he had and still has for his wife is incredible. Both of you, Mom and Dad, have respect and love for one another which lets me know how much I'm loved by both of you. 

Last Sunday we had a fireside as well where Vai Sikahema came and talked about the joys of missionary work. He worked for NBC in Philadelphia and said that he organized a "Mormon day" at a Philly's game. He had the missionaries come and sing the national anthem. The Philly's were playing the Cubs and Sammy Sosa was playing. Usually while the National Anthem is being performed the players go into the locker room but for some reason Sammy decided to stay. Afterwards he went up to all of the missionaries and shook their hands. Vai went up to him afterwards and asked why he said to listen and he said, "When I was in the Dominican Republic, I used to play baseball with Mormon Missionaries. I love them!" We never know who is watching us and how we influence others. It was a great fireside!

Afterwards we got to watch the program about the MTC. It wasn't that interesting, not gunna lie. Mostly because I'm living it. Ha ha. But it was fun to see people in my zone in the video. I'm in it too for like 2 seconds when the missionaries are singing "Called to Serve." If you didn't notice me I forgive you... Ha ha.

Apparently President Hale has a tumor on his spinal cord and he was in Salt Lake for surgery on Thursday. He's in our prayers and I hope everything went well. It was interesting though. Yesterday we were walking to class and we saw this man and woman holding hands. One of my companions said, "That looks like President Anderson! (Our future mission president)." We didn't go up to him then but we saw him again at lunch and i said, "I'm going to go talk to him." So my companions and I went up to him and sure enough it was him. We talked and him and his wife couldn't stop talking about how excited they are to be the mission president. He said, "So when I get down there, you'll have been there for about a month and a half so you'll be experts!" He was very nice and funny! I'm excited to have him as my President. It'll be great!

Thank you so much for the package that you sent me! It made my week! Everything in it is awesome and I love it! I tried on the shirts and I'm pretty sure that they'll be perfect! Thanks for getting those! If you wouldn't mind sending me some face wash, body wash and hair stuff I'd be very happy! Other than that I don't think there's anything. Pictures are always nice! I loved the pictures that you sent of the wedding! Everything looks like it went beautifully! I love the cut out. The body is George Bush isn't it? Ha ha.

Well I've got like two minutes left so i got to go quick! I know that this Gospel is true and that everyone needs to hear and learn from it. You all are amazing and I love you so very much! Keep me in you prayers and keep writing me! You know that I'll write you back! I love you!
-Elder David Fullmer

Letter to Stephen sent to Stephen on April 8th 
Dear Stephen,
Thanks for writing me last week! Especially for the DearElder. It was nice to get! That’s funny to hear about the cats and the ants! I miss those two. Have they grown a lot? It’s pretty funny how Emmy woke you up. I remember when Shadow would do that to me. I loved General Conference. You suggested that I bring a few piece of paper? Well, I took 36 pages of notes! Ha Ha So, pretty much I have their whole talks written out. It was fantastic.
I emailed home about what my branch President said to do with your conference notes. I invite you to read it and do it. I haven’t found much time to do it but, I’ll slowly get through it. I know that we will learn a lot if we do.
I met my new mission President down here and he’s awesome! He’s so excited to get down there. He’s here to learn some Spanish just so he’ll be ready for Florida.  I agree! I can’t wait to get down there. We were teaching one of our progressing investigators and we did it in Spanish. Usually when we teach in Spanish its memorized phrases, However; I was saying what I wanted. It wasn’t perfect but I’m getting there.
There is still a ton that I don’t know but it will come with practice and with time. I hope you have a great week and everything goes well for you! I love ya lots! Keep me informed about what’s going on at home! The church is true and I know the Spirit is the most important tool in missionary work. It’s incredible what can be done when you are in tune with the spirit.   

-Elder David Fullmer  

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