Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011- Final Letter from the MTC

Hola Familia! 
I seriously cannot believe that I'm in my final week at the MTC. Time has just been going by so quickly. It hit me yesterday that I'm going to be leaving for Florida on Tuesday. I was filled with worries and thoughts of inadequacy but luckily our district got to have a meeting with President Shumway where he talked to all of us about his mission and what we need to do to prepare to leave. During the meeting he was sharing experiences of his mission and what he learned from all of it. During the meeting all of the feelings of fear and worrying disappeared. It was a great experience where the spirit testified to me that everything would be alright. Luckily I have a little time today to write home. 
Today instead of my P-Day I get to attend the "In-Field Orientation." So that is comprised of about 10, one hour meetings... Ohh well. I'm learning a lot and through it, it makes me even more excited for Florida. My P-Day this week will be tomorrow when I can do my laundry and what not. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the temple. So I might not be able to go to a temple for a couple years. I encourage you all to attend as much as you can. 
This week has been a very great week. First of all it started with being able to celebrate the Atonement but especially the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which was the third major part of the Atonement. Every Sunday night we have a devotional where someone comes to speak to all of the Missionaries. Surprisingly the speaker didn't speak about Easter. I was pretty bummed out to say the least. But he did speak a lot about Missionary Work which was very good but I would have liked to hear more about Easter. 
However, every Sunday we have what is called a District Meeting. This is where all of our district has a meeting and a discussion about an assigned topic. We decided to change the topic to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Brother Wilkins (who is in the Branch Presidency) attended our meeting. The spirit in the room was so strong when we each testified of the Savior and the blessings that we have received because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was a great Easter Sunday. Thank you for your package that you gave me with all of the treats and everything. I haven't really eaten much of it. I still have so many treats from other packages that you've sent me. I love you! 
Ohh ya Sister Cook! On Sunday during Music and the Spoken Word, I was sitting in the bleachers and I looked down on the stage and I saw this woman walk in the room. At first I immediately thought, "That's Mary Cook!" I wasn't sure though since it was so far away. I was thinking, how can I know if it's her without going up there. Right as I thought that the people on the computer I guess accidentally put up who was going to speak during Relief Society on the screen and sure enough it said, "Sister Mary N. Cook." I thought it was funny. I went up to the stage right afterwards and she was talking to someone. She glanced over to me and completely stopped talking to the other person. I didn't want to interrupt her but she came right over to me. She said, "This is my boy!" It was funny! So not only am I "Boy" to Mary P, I'm "Boy" to Mary Cook. :) It was great to talk to her and her from her. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear her speak since I'm not a Sister Missionary. Ohh well I'm sure it was fantastic! I will make sure to thank both her and Richard for the generous gift that they gave me.
Another thing that happened this week is that the speaker at the devotional this week was Elder Oaks. We got to hear from two apostles in a row! He spoke about different ways to attain the spirit and how important the Spirit is in teaching. It was a great talk and I absolutely loved it! I was able to sing in the choir again and we sang a song that I had never heard of before. I can't remember it right now but it was a little strange. It brought the Spirit though and that's all that matters. It's been a busy week getting things ready to leave and doing all that we can while we're still at the MTC. 
Well about my memory card. I have no idea why the card cannot be read. I know I sent home the right one. Luckily I printed off all of the pictures here at the MTC so if we can't get the pictures off of the card I've printed off all of the pictures that I've taken. Hopefully we can get it figured out though... I'll send home the iPod today if I have any time. If not I'll get it sent home tomorrow. 
I wish I had more time to write home but next time I email you, I'll be in Florida! I'll try and find time to call home on the day that I leave, but if there isn't time at the airport I'm sure they'll let me in Florida. I love you all so much! Please pray for me as I make the transition into the mission field. I know it's going to a hard transition and I need all the prayers that I can get! I love you all so very much and I know that this is the Lord's work! I'm so blessed to be a missionary. It truly is a privilege! I love you!
-Elder Fullmer

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