Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Staying in the Keys!

Dear Fullmer Family,

Well we got the info and we're both staying in the keys for this transfer! We're really excited about that. We get along with each other really well and we're both really excited, especially since I'll be finishing my mission here! I love it here so much! This is probably my favorite area that I've served in. The branch is so amazing... FYI this letter might be a little short since we're a bit low on time but I'll try to write as much as I can.

So this last week we had an awesome lesson.... However, she's reading the Book of Mormon and is about a half way through and we had a lesson with her this past week. We had met with her a few times before and she was always un comfortable around us so we were worried about how the first lesson would go. Her friend suggested that we wear like P day clothes for the lesson so it takes it down on the weird level a bit, so we did. It ended up being a really good lesson! We taught the Restoration and it was just a really fun lesson to teach. After the lesson, there was a branch activity of balloon volleyball which she stayed for and she had a great time! She was able to see us as regular people and definitely warmed up to us. She's a really cool person who will hopefully get baptized before I go home but we'll see.

We also we and visited one of the recent converts in the Branch, who are planning to be sealed in April. Last Friday, I believe, I had a feeling that we needed to stop by them all day long so we stopped by but no one was home. I was a little confused why I had been feeling like they needed a visit so we left a note at the door and then we left. We went by a few days later where we found out that they had been out of town and the wife said to me, "One night while we were gone I had a dream that the missionaries came looking for us and it brought me a lot of comfort. When we came home we saw the note and it helped me know that God is watching over us." It was a pretty cool experience!

Also, this week while we were leaving the church on Wednesday there was a woman sitting ouside the chapel wondering when the church services were at and we said on Sunday. We didn't think much more on it and then we saw her at church on Sunday! The branch just completely fellowshipped her and she loved church! It turns out that she's Jewish but she really felt like she needed to come to our church. We tried to visit with her yesterday but she didn't show up to the lesson... We'll keep trying with her though.

Well, all in all we've had a pretty good week. We have a new Branch Mission Leader who is really excited about the work. It'll be nice because we didn't have a mission leader before! We're looking forward to this next week! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week! The senior couple loved their gift. Thank you so much! I love you all so much!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

Note from his mom: He is feeling much better and had just got back from the dentist.

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