Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Tube of Toothpaste

His P-day was delayed a day because of Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Plus, he is unable to send pictures on the tablet he is using to write emails from the military base.  

Dear Fullmer Family,
Thank you Marc for your comment on the last tube of toothpaste. I actually might need to buy another one before I go home but we'll see :) Time is flying! I can't believe I'll only be writing home five more times. It's a really strange thought. However, I'm not stuck on that thought but I'm going out strong! Haha. Things are going really well for us down here. The branch absolutely loves us and is working with us a lot! This week we arranged to play a musical number in church. We called and set it up towards the beginning of last week actually. Then a few days later we got a call asking if we could both speak in church. We didn't want to turn anything down so we accepted. Then the day before Sunday, we got another call from the Youth Sunday School teacher asking if I could fill in for him because he would be gone. I said of course and started planning for it. Sunday was, to say the least, a very busy Sunday! We both spoke in sacrament meeting, which went very well. I used a story from a talk given my President Hinckley called "It's true, isn't it?" I'm sure you've all heard about it, but for you that haven't it talks about a young Pakistani man who comes over for military training and while he's here he get baptized into the church. Right before he is about to go back to his native country he meets with President Hinckley. President Hinckley asks him, "Your people are not Christians, what will they do when they find out you are now a christian, and more specifically a Mormon christian?" He responds, "My family will regard me as dead and as to my career I will never have a promotion." Hinckley responds, "are you willing to make such a sacrifice for the gospel?" The young man looks at him with tears in his eyes and responds, "it's true isn't it?" President Hinckley responds, "yes it's true." The young man then declares,'then what else matters?" In my talk I talked first about how we can know if something is true and be able to have a strong testimony and then I spoke about what the Lord expects of us after we know something is true. I think it went really well. I then taught the youth and that was one of my favorite lessons I've ever taught. The youth are so amazing to teach, especially with the new teaching program. We learned about how to lead by the Holy Ghost. It was a very memorable lesson. While I was teaching that class, my companion was teaching gospel principles. Haha. It was a very busy Sunday! Oh and the musical number we did was "This is the Christ." It went very well!

Both my companion and I and I have been really trying to work a lot with the members and so we've been leaving blessings in the homes of the members with the spirit of missionary work. This week alone we have gotten 12 member referrals! Incredible!! Never has that happened before on my mission. Great things are happening here. We were able to meet with and investigator last night where we taught her the Plan of Salvation. It went really well and she really loved it. A really close friend died this past week so it was a great reminder of the plan. It went well! The woman at church has yet to be seen again unfortunately... Hopefully we see her soon!

So this past week my companion and I have been doing a little project of sorts... I don't think you'll be too surprised as to what it consists of. So to begin, for nearly two years I have had the privilege of listening to only MoTab music, which is great but gets old, really old, after a while. My companion agrees and I have heard the same thing from many missionaries. We understand why the rule is in place but both my companion and I were thinking about how we could listen to other music approved by President. A while ago I bought a little digital recorder and the thought came to us... "Let's record us playing and singing different songs, put it on a CD, have President approve it and give it to everyone in the mission!!" So it's called, "Temple Worthy by BroTab" That's our band name... BroTab... Get it? Yeah. So we're just about done with it. Most of the recording was done last Pday but we're going to finish it up today and present it to him this Friday and a specialized training. Hopefully he likes it and accepts it. Haha.

Well anyways that's about all that's going ! Thank you for everything and I love you! Please keep me in your prayers, it's tough knowing the mission is coming to a close...Have a great week!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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