Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekly update May 29, 2012. It's Hurricane Season!

Dear Fullmer Family,

Right now I'm sitting in the library in Miami while it is POURING rain outside. I wish you could see this. It's never rained like this in Utah before. There's a ton of lightning and thunder as well. It's actually been like this off and on for the past couple days which I love! Throughout the summer the weather is like this.

Well it's been a good week this week. We still don't have many people to teach but we're still positive. My backpack was also found which is another silver lining. Thank you for all of your letters and love! Thanks for the postcard Whitney and Marc, I hope your trip to Moab was fun.

I was looking at the calendar this morning and was kind of blown off of m exercise ball because it's almost the end of May. This month has probably been the fastest one. I don't like how every month goes by faster and faster but that's just how it goes. Almost 15 months have gone by... crazy...

Well this week we were able to have zone conferences in our mission. The topic of the conference was Hurricanes! The first of June begins the joyful hurricane season. They were saying how we need not fear! However they kept saying how there hasn't been one here in 6 years so we're prime for one but not to be afraid. I'm not worried but I hope there isn't one.

We visited one of our neighbors and the topic was brought up and he feels like we're going to get one. Who knows but I'm praying that we don't get one, and I'm sure you are too! Ha ha. The rest of the zone conference was on the Book of Mormon and the importance of using it in teaching as also on Mormon.org. He said that Mormon.org can be used as a 3rd companion that works while we sleep. He said that right now the world is having a "Mormon Moment" meaning that the Mormons are being exposed more than they ever have been. That's why Mormon.org is such an important tool. We are encouraged to tell everyone that we know about it and to become familiar with it so we can help others learn from the source. Also we are encouraged to make a profile, which I have, along with encouraging other members to create a profile... So you should all do it! it's a great tool and so many good things can be found there.

Also in the conference he was telling of an experience he had when he did the "escape from alcatraz" challenge. This challenge is when you swim from Alcatraz to the shores of San Francisco. He compared it to the mission and it was great! I learned a lot and became more excited to work. Also this week we found a cool family. The wife's name is ********* and the husband... we're not sure his name. We blessed their home and went back the next day to teach them. They are familiar with the church and have actually been looking for a church to go to. They weren't able to make it on Sunday but they're planning on next week. They're from the Dominican Republic and are very nice people.

On Saturday we were able to participate in an eagle scout project where we re painted the parking lines in the ward parking lot. It was a great project and at the end it looked really nice! It was fun getting to know some of the members that I didn't know and serving at the same time. Also, I didn't get sunburned, well not too bad anyways.

I've been studying Jesus the Christ lately and today while reading, I came across an interesting point. It was on the announcing of the births of John the Baptist as well as Jesus Christ. Three months prior to the announcement of Christ was John's to his father Zacharias. He was in the temple when this happened and after Gabriel declared what would happen, Zacharias asked "how will I know what you're saying is true?". He was struck dumb as a sign. In contrast, when Mary received the angel Gabriel she asked a similar question but with a different motive. She asked, "How is it done?" She knew it was true but she wanted to know how. She had faith the whole time where Zacharias had doubts. It's amazing what happens when we receive our situations, bad or good, with faith rather than fear.

I love you all so very much and I know that this is the Lord's work! We're on the Lord's errand. As we defy our doubts and face our fears, we leave the path of revelation free from obstacles that would limit our potential to become who the Lord wants us to become. I love you all so very much! Have a great week.

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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