Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Update, May 15th

Dear Fullmer Family,
How great it was to skype with all of you on Sunday! It was so great to be able to see each one of you and see how happy you all are! I love  you all so much. Well it's transfer week... We got the call last night and neither my companion or I will be leaving the area. We're both really happy to hear that and look forward to the next transfer together. The longest I've ever been with a companion has been 2 transfers, and it actually was Elder ***** (My current companion's companion in the MTC) so it'll be fun to break that record! One of the sister's is leaving out of the ward,  the one with the dark hair. It'll be sad to see her go since we all got along really well and the Bishop loved all of us together, but the other sister, will be training a new sister missionary. It'll be exciting to be working around a new missionary, it'll give us old folks some energy!
Actually in the zone there will be three new missionaries straight from the MTC so it'll be really exciting. We're really excited for this new transfer.

There isn't much to be said that I haven't talked with you about on Sunday but yesterday we were able to have our zone activity. Everyone in the zone baptized this past transfer so it was very celebratious? You know what I mean. We were planning to have a testimony meeting as always but apparantly the missionaries who have had three zone testimony meetings wanted a change, so my companion and I put our heads together to think of something fun, yet spiritual and whallah! The "Ask and ye shall receive box!" So what this consists of is you choose a question like, "what was the most spiritual experience this past transfer... or what investigator means the most to you and why... or what Christ-like attribute do you desire most?" and then after you pick the question slip you choose out of another box a name of someone in the zone and then they have to go up and answer the question. It was a lot of fun!

For the zone, a sister in the zone drew a group shot of all of us and we made copies and laminated it for each one of them. It looks so cool! Then we took a picture in the poses that we were drawn. Super awesome! 

Well that's all I've got for this week~ I know that the Lord loves each one of us. Ohh in sacrament meeting someone spoke about mothers and said the following, 'The Priesthood was given to men to help them become more like women." Then he read the rights of the priesthood and said all of the qualities that are stated with the Priesthood are what women are already blessed with. It was very interesting but I enjoyed it a lot. In personal study I've been reading a lot out of Jesus the Christ and it's incredible! I'm learning so much and there is so much that I don't understand but I hope to someday. I love you all and I know that the Lord does as well! Talk to you soon!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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