Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Update (March 5th, 2012)

Dear Fullmer Family,
Well... I'm old. I'm a year on my mission. I still feel like I've only
been here for 3 months or so, which is good, but as a look around I see that

I'm older than most missionaries and it's a little scary.
Haha. But this will only help me to work even harder to make sure that
I give it my very best!

Thank you so much for sending me the package.
I loved it! I'm so excited to make some key lime bars and just eat
junk food. Haha. I love it.  Also Ilove the ProActive. It's already working so well!

Thank you for that.
So yes, my area is pretty south. It's the most south I've been. Our
area is the most south in our zone but there is another zone below us
so the Keys aren't in our zone... I love it though! This is probably
my favorite area. By the way, next Monday we will be moving
apartments so if you are going to send anything to me for the next
week will you send it to the mission? I don't have the new address
yet. It's in the same complex and it's actually even nicer than the
one that we're in right now. We went to check it out and there are
hardwood floors, and carpeted bedrooms! Very nice! :) I'll let you
know the new address when it get it.

This past week we were able to have PPI's with President Anderson
(Personal Priesthood Interviews). It was a great time to just sit down
with him and talk about what's going on. As I was sitting there I
compared it to my last interview and I was able to see how much I have
grown in these past 3 months. It was great. It was a lot different
than my past interviews because we pretty much just talked about the
zone and how to be even better. However it was a great experience for

This past friday, all of the zone leaders came together for the
ZLC or Zone Leader Council at the mission home where we talked about
mission goals and progression. As a mission we are averaging way more
baptisms than last year. As a mission from December 2011 to Feb 2012
we had 235 baptisms. In December 2010 to Feb 2011 we had like 120. We
have almost doubled the amount of baptisms and are continuing to
increase. We average around 75 baptisms a month but the goal is to hit
100 which we are so close to hitting.

This past week as a zone we had a goal to get 26 investigators at
sacrament meeting. The record for the past year as a zone was 19. We
were crunching the numbers and in order to get 14 baptisms as a zone
this month we need to increase the amount of investigators at church.
As we made this goal a priority, and fasted and prayed that we could
rise to it we were able to bring 26 investigators to church yesterday!
It was incredible! I'm so proud of my zone! They worked so hard and we
did it. In the zone there are 7 companionships. 5 elders and 2
sisters! I love them so much!

Yesterday the investigators that we had at church were -------- and her
two children and ------' sister. She and her family came last
week and said they would come again. The morning before church we went
to check to make sure they were coming and we showed up 30 mintues
before church and guess what? They were still in their jammies... We
were like, "What are you doing? We have church in 30 minutes." They
tried to get out of it but as we promised how important it is to go
they hurried and got ready. She grabbed her sister next door who came
for the first time. They loved church! The sister, who's daughter
we've been teaching, came up to us, and said she loved church and her
whole family is going to come next week! It was incredible. We will be
seeing them tonight and talking more about baptism with them.

Well this past week something happened that I want to share with you
all. At the time it wasn't very funny but looking back I've been
laughing about it... Alright, here we go. So last Tuesday we went to
an appartment complex to go harvesting and to follow up on some people
we met earlier. So we took the car and parked it in the parking lot.
So as we were heading back we got to where the car was parked and both
My companion and I stopped... We looked and the car was gone... We were
wondering if that's where we actually parked and came to the
conclusion that it was and we didn't know what to do. We said a quick
prayer and started walking around. We saw a man walking and asked if
he had seen a white Chevy Malibu leave the parking lot. He said, "You
mean the one that was on the tow truck? Yeah it left like 10 minutes
ago." Immediately I was stunned and didn't know what to do. So we
found the number for the tow truck, by the way it's like 8:55 at
night, and called it. They said that we would need an original form
for the car or something like  that so we gave an elder in the mission office
a call. Unfortuneately there was nothing we could do
that night but it would have to wait for tomorrow. We ended up walking
home that night and got home right before 9:30. I didn't sleep well
that night. The next morning we needed to go to a District Training up
in Down town Miami so we took the train! It was a lot of fun! Haha. So
the elder drove down from Plantation to get the car and he got it!
We got it that next afternoon. However because of that, My companion
and I get to pay the $124 charge... It was dumb because where we
parked was an unmarked spot and apparently  someone owned that spot
and called the tow truck... We weren't gone for more than an hour...
So if you see a charge for $62 you know why... Live and learn right?

Well that's about all I've got for today. I just keep typing and
typing, it's fun to share all of the stories. One more real quick. So
on Saturday we were harvesting a group of complexes where our Elder's
Quorum President lived. We didn't really know where he lived but
didn't think it was where we were Harvesting. So we started to knock
and about 5 minutes in we knocked on his door. He answered and we were
just about ready to give the approach when he said, "Elders! Come on
in, my kids are sleeping but come on in..." We had no idea what to say
to him because he expected we came for a reason but my companion came
up with something and made it sound important. He gave us some water
and we were out. We kept laughing about it all day!

Okay now that's all I have to say! I love you all and I am so glad
that I am serving at this time where I'm at! I know it's where I'm
supposed to be! I know this is the work of the Lord and I love being
able to serve Him daily! I love this work!
Pleas keep me in your prayers! I love you all!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

P.S. AMY GOT MARRIED?!?! That's so awesome! I'm happy for her!

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