Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly update - March 19, 2012

Hello Fullmer Family! How is everyone doing? This past week was amazing! Well not necessarily in our personal area but in the zone it was fantastic! We were able to once again get 30 investigators at church, which for the past 4 week average in our zone it is 26 inv @ church which has never happened before. And the investigators aren't just coming to church but they're also getting baptized! We had three baptisms this past week and like 5 for next weekend! Everything is going really well! Sorry that this letter is a little later than usual... We moved apartments this morning. Happy P day activity! I'm exhausted! However it went very smoothly. We had a lot of help this morning from the Sister Missionaries who sacrificed part of their P Day to help us out! We're so greatful for their help! They were incredible. So at 6:45 this morning, us and the 4 sisteYrs went to work. It's a pain to move but the new apartment is so nice! I love it! It'll be a nice change. This past week we were priveliged to hear from Elder Walter F. Gonzales at a zone conference and also at church on Sunday! He's such a funny guy! Whenever he was looking up a scripture, while he was turning the pages he would always say... "I hope it's still here..." Everyone was laughing! But he talked to us about the power that the Book of Mormon brings to the lessons. He said, "Your lessons need to be flooded with the Book of Mormon... but to be able to flood your lessons, your mind needs to be flooded with it first!" He's an amazing man! While he was at church, well he wasn't able to make it to our sacrament meeting.. but I would always pass him in the halls. Whenever I would pass him he's say, "Elder Fullmer, I'm still here..." Every time he'd say, "You thought you got rid of me Elder Fullmer but I'm still here..." In sacrament meeting, since it was invitation Sunday it was focused on missionary work. My companion spoke along with Sister Lake. Then My companion and I sang a musical number. We sang "The Olive Tree" It sounded pretty good I think. Our voices blend very well together. I hadn't sung in such a long time that my vocal cords were out of shape but I think I didn't well with such little practice. A yw in the ward played the accompaniment and it sounded really nice! Unfortuneately we didn't have many gators at church... we only had 3 but they all really enjoyed it which is what counts. We were expecting about 13 but last minute Satan worked on them... Darn Satan... Next week we'll get them though. This past week we've been focusing a lot on gratitude. We actually had a gratitude fast as a zone this past Friday which was really special. I've never done that before... just fasting to give thanks without asking for anything. I encourage you all to try it! It's incredible! That's so cool to hear about the iMac that Stephen fixed! I knew he's do it eventually! And that's also cool to hear about Sam running for Assemblies. He'll do amazing! Keep me updated! The investigator who accidentally went to the Baptist church last week is doing really well! He has a lot of questions about organized religion and why it's important. He would have come to church yesterday but he got sick... He'll come next week! Our Cuban family of our investigator are doing well! Beatris' niece Diana is incredible! It's like having a member with us when we teach Beatris. They were saying how they weren't sure about going to church and she said, "Their church is better than yours... Go to theirs! Haha. She came last week but the rest of the family didn't because they went to a water park... She's gunna get baptized really soon! Well... There's not much more to say today. I'm tired and i'm ready for bed! It's only 3:00 but I'll probably be taking a nap when I get home! I love you all so very much! Talk to you soon! -Elder David B. Fullmer

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