Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Update: March 26th

Dear Fullmer Family,
Como estan? I hope you all are doing fantastically well! I love you all and I really hope you're doing well! This past week has been another fantastic one! As a zone we were able to have 6 baptisms and 29 investigators at church! It was fantastic! As a mission we are sitting at 88 baptisms for the month of March and we just need 12 baptisms on Saturday to hit the goal of 100! It's looking that it's going to happen.

We are finally all moved in and confortable in our new apartment. It is super nice and I really hope i never leave it! Haha. I've got pictures to send (which are posted on the blog)

Everything's been going pretty well for our investigators as well! However we had an interesting thing happen this past week as we visited with one of our investigators and her family. So, on Monday we went over for our appointment and guess who was there?.... Their pastor from their other church. We walked in the apartment and the feelings that we felt were absolutely terrible. He looked like he wanted to kill us! He was wanting to fight over everything but we knew that wouldn't help at all and would most likely hurt a lot of things! We don't teach anything, the Spirit teaches everything. If the Spirit is not there we can't do anything. So we asked if we could come by another time and then we left. We were kind of confused about what to do but the next lesson we taught was super spiritually powerful! They know what they need to do, now they have to choose. It's one of the hardest things to do. I don't know when they'll get baptized, hopefully this next weekend, but they will get baptized. Three of them came to church yesterday and the grandma, bore her testimony of the power of Jesus Christ. It was amazing to see! I also bore my testimony of an experience that I had this past week... Drum roll please....

So last Monday, we got a call from a member of another ward saying someone got in a car accident and was in the hospital close to our house. We called the mom of the boy to see when she would like us to come and give him a blessing. We set it for 7:00. Since the lesson with our other investigator that night ended quite abruptly we headed over a little earlier than planned. The minute we walked in the door someone came up to us and asked, "You're here to give a blessing to my mom right?" We said, "Yep!" We had no idea who that was but he waited for us as we checked in and followed him to the room. We came in and everyone in the room was crying. They saw us and smiled. The mother was very old and was very sick... She had been praying for someone to come and give her a blessing. When she told us what her name was, it was not the name of the person we were called to give a blessing. We gave the blessing and they asked how we knew she was in the hospital. We said we didn't but the Lord did. It was so cool to be used by the Lord to answer a prayer in need. We were right where we needed to be at the exact moment! It's incredible how the Lord works things out. Later we blessed the young man who was in the car accident and after we left that, the mother asked us if we could go to the other boy who was in the car at the same time. Both were in ICU. It was a very special experience!

On Saturday we went over to teach a man we are teaching and it was one of the most different surprises I've ever had on my mission. We came over and he had three pictures with him... They were of his baptism when he was 14 years old. He forgot he got baptized but apparently he's a member! Haha. Pretty crazy. Now we need him to come back to church.

Yesterday the Bishop came up to us and commented again how much he loved the musical number we did the other week and asked if we could sing again on Easter Sunday. Do you have any ideas of anything we could sing?

Well as you can tell it's been a very busy week! It's been a really great one. I cannot wait for this next week as we have General Conference. I have been praying a lot about having spiritual experiences and answers to my prayers this conference and I know all of the above will happen. I can't wait for the opportunity to hear the words of the Prophet. Being on a mission, the love that I have for General Conference has increased so much and I hope you all have the desire and a listening ear and heart for this next weekend. Search for the answers to the questions that you have. If you listen, every question will be answered! I promise you that.

I love all of you so very much and I pray for you all! You are so special to me! I know that the Lord is listening to every one of our prayers and He answers them. We don't know when or how but He always does. President Monson said, "There is nothing more gratifying to have a prompting from the Spirit and to act upon it and to later find out that you were used as an answer to someone's prayer." I love the Lord and I hope He knows if He has something that needs to be done, David Fullmer is ready. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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