Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Update - March 11th 2012

Hola La Familia Fullmer!
Como estan? This week has been another fantastic week in Miami! The
weather has been really nice with some rain here and there, which
doesn't bother me because we are in a car. :) This has been one of the
best weeks of my mission.

So since we did so well as a zone this past week in bringing investigators
to church by getting 26, we bumped up the goal to get 35, which is almost
double the amount of the old record from the past year... Well we didn't
exactly hit it, but we were able to come together to bring 30 investigators
at church. We were the highest in the mission by far! I am so proud of all of the
missionaries in my zone and I love working with them.

Funny story by the way. We were out in the area of one of the companionships
helping them plan for the next week and one of the missionaries,
who lives in SLC, actually on 13 east and 19 south went to East
High School. It turns out that he was in choir there and what's even
weirder is that we both sang in that tri school choir with West, East
and Highland. I even think we sat within like 4 people of each other.
How crazy is that?! Well anyways I'm very proud of the zone and what
we're doing. We had 3 baptisms as a zone and we are looking forward to
the next few weeks where we will be having quite a few baptisms. Gotta
love missionary work.

One of our investigators had a really spiritual experience
yesterday. So funny story... We called him around 10 o clock to remind
him about church at 11 and we woke him up. Day
light savings had its
effect on multiple people yesterday. Well he said he'd be coming but
would be a few minutes late. So we waited for him outside in the foyer
but never came... So after the sacrament, which we had in the foyer,
we went inside and we were with our other 5 investigators at church.
However at the end of sacrament meeting we got a call from him who
said, "I'm outside." So we went outside and he came up to us saying,
"Guys, you'll never believe what happened." So it turns out that he
put the address in his GPS but instead of taking him to our church it
took him to a Baptist Church. Ours is hard to find because it's
covered with trees... So he went there thinking it was ours and then
realized after the service that we weren't there and it was a Baptist
church. But he showed up afterwards and stayed for Priesthood and
Sunday school.

In Priesthood we had one of the best lessons that I've
had in my entire mission. At the beginning, a recent convert was
conferred the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a Priest by another
recent convert who was baptized about 6 months ago. It was a really
cool thing to be able to see. Then the Elder's Quorum President
taught very simply about the Priesthood and what just happened. It was
such a powerful lesson and our investigator was hit by a wall of Spirit. It was
incredible. He was pretty much speechless by the end of the lesson and
said he was definitely coming back for the first hour next week. It
was such a great experience for me and for our investigator.

This past week we were able to give many Priesthood blessings which
has strengthened my testimony of the Power of the Priesthood. One of
which was a call that we got asking if we could come to the emergency
room immediately. We cancelled everything that we had to run over to
the hospital. It was a young man who had an internal blockage in his
stomach or something like that. Before we got there he was just
screaming because of pain. As we got there we gave him a blessing of
health. It's incredible how peaceful he was after the blessing and how
his family was so filled with hope that everything would be alright. I
feel so blessed to have the confidence that the Lord has in me to hold
this sacred authority. It makes me want to be a better person to be
able to help those whenever they need it.
This past week we found a really cool family! It's kind of a funny
story how we found them. So as we were looking for an apartment
complex of a former investigator we accidentally turned into the wrong
one... However as we were driving to the exit we saw this woman and
her son with the trunk of her car open. There were a ton of groceries
so I pulled the car over to go offer some help. We went over and asked
if we could help them move in their groceries and at first she
declined but then we said, "Are you sure? There are a lot of groceries
in that car." She then accepted and we helped bring in the groceries.
At the end she asked, "What do you do?" We said that we would love to
be able to leave a blessing in their home, which we did. She is a
single mother and has 3 boys. We left the blessing and she definitely
felt the Spirit. She said that she would come to church but wasn't
able to come yesterday because of work but said she would come next
week. We will be teaching them this next Tuesday.
Another investigator and her family are doing well! They know it's true
but it's been a real struggle trying to leave her other church. We know they
have felt the Spirit testifying that it's true but now it's their time
to act. They are up in Orlando right now but we'll be teaching them
tomorrow as well.
This next week I am really excited because Elder Gonzales is going to
come to give a training to all of us and cannot wait. He will also be
giving a fireside Saturday night in my chapel and I hope I will be
able to attend. My companion and I will be singing next Sunday in
church because it is "Invitation Sunday" and as we were talking to the
Bishop, who is good friends with Elder Gonzales, said that there is a
good chance he will be attending our sacrament meeting this next week!
I can't wait! We are going to have a bunch of investi"gators" at
church because I know that they will be touched by the Spirit!
We actually will be moving next week... The reason why we are moving
is because the owner of our apartment foreclosed and lost the
apartment. So that is why we need to move. I haven't been able to see
Elder ----- yet. I hope he's doing well though. I hope to see him
I know that the Lord blesses us so much when we are obedient and are
quick to respond to the promptings of the Spirit. When we do that He
knows that we will answer the call and will entrust us with those that
are prepared and willing to listen to servants of the Lord. I love you
all so much! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Today I will be
making some pies :)

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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