Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly Update December 12th

Dear Fullmer Family,

Another week has passed and I can't believe December is almost halfway over. It just seemed like yesterday it was the middle of August. It definitely doesn't seem like Christmas time considering that there
isn't snow and not a Christmas tree. My companion and I wanted to get a Christmas tree but realized it would be a little difficult to get it to our appartment on bikes... We're still considering it but nothing has been done yet :) 

We are getting along really well! He's such a hard worker and just loves the work! It's been really great! I asked him if his family knows the England's and he said that they do! What a small world. Well speaking of Christmas we went last Monday to the home of our investigators with a tree in hand. We went out with the Bishop that night to buy a Christmas tree and it was a very special night. We taught about Jesus' birth before and said, "We need to go grab something." We walked in with a Christmas tree and all of their faces just lit up! They were talking to us saying that they were wanting to get one but because of their situation they wouldn't be able to this year. The mom started to cry because of how happy she was! It was really so special to help them feel the Christmas Spirit. They are doing well! We found out more about their situation and it might be a
little while until they get baptized... Looks like we're going to have a wedding before they get in the water :) No one is ever married! But I absolutely love that family!

North Miami Beach is awesome! I love being back in Miami. To answer one of the questions asked, my apartment is about 20-25 miles away from my first one. It's great being here! This past week we did a lot of Harvesting and ended up with a total of 22 blessings that we left in the homes of investigators. More than I've had in a while! IT was great. One downside of this area is that there are a lot of Jewish people here who really don't want to listen to us. But we're still working trying to help them find the truth. A few of them let us come in a leave a blessing so we'll see how that goes. 

The members here are really awesome! Their first concern is if we've eaten and if we say we have they feed us anyways... I've been gaining weight... Luckily I'm riding bikes a lot and working it off! Haha. Speaking of riding bikes, one of the days this week we rode for about 31 miles... We usually average about 20 miles a day so that's been quite a bit of exercise! It's great though.

I'm glad that you were able to get the pictures of the shoes. I asked the Bishop if he could send some pictures of my shoes and he said, "Sure! Take them off and put them on the dash!" Our Bishop is so awesome! He lives in the same appt complex and us and is always there to help us out. One real big blessing is our appt here in this area. It is HUGE! I have my own walk in closet and my own bathroom! It's not fair how spoiled we are in this mission but i'm not complaining~! HAha.

So the MoTab concert is this week huh? Too bad you didn't get tix. Who is the guest this year? Josh Groban? it couldn't be because he's waiting until I come home so we can be duet guests with motab... JK! HAaha. But hopefully you'll be able to get some surprize tix!

So about the phone call on Christmas. So skype is allowed and we have it all set up with the Bishop. Our church is from 9-12 but we'll have to check to see if there is a special schedule for Christmas but i'll
find out and let you know. What is the skype info so we can add you as a friend?

Well I know that the Lord loves us and is guiding us. He is mindful of EVERY situation and is guiding our steps if we only let Him in. I have seen many miracles while I'm on my mission and I know that the Lord
has many things in store for me. We had interviews this past week with President Anderson and he said that he sees many gifts and talents that are very unique to me. He told me how he's noticed how easily I
show my love to others and help them feel comfortable. I never really thought about that before but I'm grateful for this gift that God has given me to be able to show the love that I have for those who are in
my life. I love you all with all my heart and I know that our family is forever! It's hard being away at this time but as I work with all of my heart, might and strength, I know that the Lord is helping me and blessing all of us! There is no where I'd rather be than here and there is nothing I'd rather be doing than helping others come unto Christ! Have a great week and I love you lots!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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