Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Transfer Week! November 29th!

Dear Fullmer Family,

Well this week has been a really good one. To start off, I need to say that I'm getting transferred. It's hard to accept it especially because I love this area so much, but last night after the news I received the confirmation that it was the will of the Lord. I feel peaceful knowing that it's my time to go and that the Lord has got some more things for me to be doing. 

At the end of every transfer I like to look back and see what difference have I made in the area from when i came in and when I'm leaving. I feel like I have left this area much better than I found it. When I got here, there were about 2 investigators. Now we have baptized one, and have about 6 with a baptismal date with more to come this next week. It's hard to leave all of this work and success that I have been able to be apart of but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else. I know that it's going to be left in good hands and I'm excited to be able to learn many new things this next transfer. I know that it might be difficult but that's what makes things fun right? Haha.

However this week has really been incredible. We went to go visit and an investigator and met her friend and found out that she is one of the most kindest and sincere people I've ever met. As we had a lesson she had a lot of questions about us. Apparently she has cousins who are LDS so she had a rough background of the church and was not to excited to talk about the Book of Mormon. However as we answered her questions, I knew that we needed to talk to her about the First Vision. We started talking about Joseph Smith and she said "I know you think he was a prophet.' But i responded that I wanted her to know how we know... As I was explaining the First Vision to her and how Joseph Smith was searching, when I finished saying the words of the First Vision she told me, "I know that every single word that you just told me is true." She said that something touched her in a way that she is willing to give up everything and change her life around. It was absolutely incredible! 

As we have been teaching them both this week, they invited us to come to Thanksgiving Dinner. We went and were the only members there. Their neighbors came over and it was such a nice night. Very fun and friendly. We went to see them the day after and said, "Every single person at that dinner was touched by you. All of them didnt' want you to leave." It was cool to see how much the Spirit influences others and how they love the feeling of it. The friend told us that she said to them, "Ohh it looks like they got you too!" Haha. They are incredible investigators! It's going to be hard to leave them because they are without a doubt my favorite investigators that i've had. They are so willing to make these hard changes in their lives to follow something they know to be true. I know they will become members soon and have a wonderful life. They kept saying how thankful they are for us and what we've done and we told them, "It wasn't us (meaning the Spirit), but we're glad that it was us (to be able to bring it here.)" It's been an incredible week with them!

We actually had two Thanksgiving dinners... I was so full! A member invited us over to her son's home, who is not active, and had a wonderful meal with them. It was a great meal. that night I was more full than i ever have been! Haha. Not so fun...

However i was able to make pies this past week. Last Monday I made four Chocolate Cream Pies, two banana cream, and one very berry pie. Lets just say that my district is sad that I'm leaving and won't be here for Christmas... Thank you Lion House! Haha. No but really it was really fun to be able to make pies again. And they turned out pretty good, not as good as yours mom but they were still very good!

I cant' believe how crazy your Thanksgiving was. I can't believe that you were still able to breath with everything that was going on! It sounds like a lot of fun having a bunch of family around for Thanksgiving. That's one thing I missed but only about a month until we'll be able to talk, hopefully skype!

I'm so excited for the iPod! It's CHRISTMAS TIME! But i can listen to anything with the Mo Tab symbol on it... So the King Singers and Sissel, Davie Archie, all good! Haha. Thanks for sending that! 

Unfortunately there weren't' any baptisms this past week... The 18 year old was out of town for the holidays so he'll get baptized on Sunday and who knows about the couple we have been teaching that will be married soon... They really need to get baptized! they are so ready but Satan is trying all he can to stop them. Please pray for them.

Anyways I'll let you know more for the Christmas stuff. Haven't really thought about it much but I know that the Lord lives. This week we were able to remember the reasons why we are thankful and hopefully we'll be able to remember those every day not just once a year. i am so thankful for all of you! I love each one of you so much! It's hard to be away from you during this holiday season but I know we are a family forever and I am so thankful for that! Love you lots!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

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