Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 Que Pasa

Buenas Dias Familia!
I hope everything is going really well for all of you and that this past week has been absolutely spectacular! It looks like from the pictures that mom sent me you all look very happy. By the way, Sam, how freaking tall are you? I think you might be taller than me... Not good. 

Thanks for sending me some pictures from what's been going on lately. That looked like such a fun trip with that group. I'm sure you all had a BLAST! Let them all know how much I love them! When did you get and iPhone Mom? Did everyone? Esta loco! I'm glad that you're liking it though. 

Thank you for sending me the postcard from the Sacred Grove. It was really nice to see that and hear from you. Mail is awesome. By the way i did receive the shirts from missionary mall. Thank you again! Oh by the way mom, you said something about not puting the picture of me on the "sand" up on my blog. Just to let you know... so you know that I'm not breaking any rules... I wasn't on the sand! I was sitting on the pier thank you very much :) It sounds like you've been super busy mom. I hope everything works out great, and I know that it will because you're such a hard worker. The party at the zoo looked like a blast as well. Party party and then more party.

Well this week has been very good. It's been a little frustrating because we've had more than usual amounts of doors slammed in our faces but my companion and I try to have a good attitude about it. He is awesome. We get along really well and it just seems like we're always smiling which is very important. We're working through the tough times and trying to find the silver lining on every situation. 

I had a really cool experience this past week that I want to share with all of you. As we were following up on a referral that the Sisters gave us this past week, we went to go visit "Carlos" who was a friend of someone they met on the street who lived in our area. His address was 1800 _____ st (I don't know the name of the st... anyways it's not important) in a trailer park. As we got to the st there wasn't an 1800. Just 1801. As I was considering if we should knock the door it felt as if I had a little nudge. My compamion felt the same thing. As we got to the door, we knocked as asked if a Carlos lived there. She said, "Are you guys Mormons?" We said that we were and she said, "I don't know of anyone named Carlos. Right now's not a good time for me. Can you come back on Sunday and you can come in and tell us about who you are?" We said, "Of course!" So yesterday as we went to go visit them and their son they immediately let us in and kept asking us questions. 

I had a distinct impression to ask her, "How has our Heavenly Father influenced your life?" Then she opened up. She started telling a story about when she lived in Michigan. She said that she always saw these two men riding bikes all over the place. One day after seeing them she asked her friend, "Who are those people?" Her friend said that we were mormons and that we went to different people's houses. That was about seven years ago. Three days ago she remembered the missionaries that she saw and said a silent prayer in her heart, "Why don't the mormons ever come to my door?" Two days later we knocked on her door on a fake address. She said that she's been searching for a church for her family. They live in a trailer and barely have anything but they are so humble and loving. I can't wait to return to teach them again. The Lord truly puts us in the path of others who have been prepared. It was a very powerful experience for me.

Thank you Dad for praying for one of our other investigators. She came to church yesterday and is praying very strongly for guidance of what to do. Somehow she'll get baptized.
Thanks Sam for letting me know that you made Madrigals... NOT! But I'm really happy for you :) Carry the tradition! I'm glad that you showed Marissa the card.

Well just an update for next week. I'll be writing home on Tuesday because on Monday we have a mission conference where apparantly a very cool speaker will be coming :) Well I know that everything happens for a reason and that God loves us very much! I'm so happy to be out here. Even though some days are really long and frustrating and that the nights might be really long without much sleep, Heavenly Father is watching out for us and is leading us in the direction that we need to go if we will just listen to the promptings, and do what we know we're supposed to be doing. 

I love my family so much! You're what keeps me going everyday. I know that I was placed in this wonderful family for an eternal purpose. Thank you for all of your prayers and I know we're all being blessed everyday! I love you so much!

-Elder David B. Fullmer

Hey Everyone! Just to let you know, I'm online right now and I have a favor to ask of you. So this next Monday there is going to be a mission conference and they want to see if I can do a musical number for it. I wanted to sing the song "One Voice." It's from an EFY CD. Before my mission I tried to find the sheet music for it but i couldn't find it anywhere online. However by now there might be something. If one of you could find it and email it to me or try and mail it to me if you find it later in the week I'd REALLY appreciate it. If not could you just email the lyrics to me and I'll try to write an arrangement to it... Actually will you send the lyrics to me first? That would probably be best.
With much love,
-Elder David B. Fullmer
David's dad found the arrangement and Elder Fullmer was thrilled! 

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