Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th - from MTC

I received your package the other day and I was so excited to see it! Too bad about BYU. My branch President told me about it and I was pretty shocked. Everything here is so great! I am so glad that I decided to serve a mission. There is no where else I'd rather be. Right now I'm doing my laundry so I decided to write you an email while I wait. This won't be my normal P day. Everyone who is new this week has their P day on Saturday but for the rest of the time that I'm in the MTC I'll have my P day on Fridays... So make sure you write me before then. The first few days have been stressful. It's hard to learn a language but it definitely is coming along. The disadvantage to have learned French for a few years is that it is coming back to be faster than Spanish is. Whenever anyone asks me something I respond in French. But it will come along. Espanol es Facil! That's what my teacher always tells us. In our district there are 7 missionaries or missionaros. It's a pretty small district compared to others. There are 3 others going to Fort Lauderdale Spanish speaking. The other 3 are going to Buenos Aires Argentina North Mission. Everyone in my district is so nice and helpful. Most everyone in my district has taken Spanish before so it's coming along faster for them but I know that if I have faith in the Lord he will help me. It seems like I've been here for weeks but it's only been about 4 days. So far I have been able to pray en Espanol and bear my testimony in Spanish. It's amazing how much the Spirit helps us learn the language. I sent you a letter a few days ago but I'm not sure if you've gotten it yet. It talks about my companeros. They're so great! Throughout the day I randomly get discouraged and think that I'm not supposed to be here but then I say a prayer and my confidence goes way up! I know that I can do this and my testimony has grown so much in so little time!
The food however is another story... It definitely is not home cooked. I think I've already gained weight though. It's hard to keep the same weight when you're sitting in class for 9 hours a day. The food is alright but I just miss food from home. It's also hard only having 30 minutes a day to exercise. But it'll all work out. If you could, would you send me a few more t shirts?
Also... Guess what i had to do! I got 2 shots! That's right... 2! I had to get a tetnus shot and also a flu shot! Ohh well... According to Missionary Med, a tetnus shot is only good for 5 years instead of 10 at IHC. So that's why there is $56 taken from my debit account. Well I only have a limited time to write. Please say hello to everyone! Please keep me in your prayers. I love you all! Also will you put on fb my mission address? Mail = happiness! I love you!
-Elder David Fullmer

I just wanted to let you know that I love you! Please keep me in your prayers! I know that I'm being blessed for being here and that all of my family is too! The language is pretty difficult to learn but it's coming along. I love you all. My time is about to expire so i need to go... I wish i could write home all day. There is so much to tell you. I will probably write home by hand but we'll see how much time I've got here. I love you guys!
-Elder David Fullmer

One more thing that i forgot to tell you! There actually is another Elder Fullmer in my zone! He's from Anchorage Alaska. His ancestors go back to David Fullmer so we're related somehow. Also I sat next to an Elder who is going to the Czech Republic. I told him where I was going and that you wanted me to the Czech republic and he said, "well the language is a lot harder than Spanish!" Haha. Anyways I love you all!
-Elder Fullmer

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