Monday, July 18, 2011

June 18, 2011 letter home

Thank you for your letters that you've sent me and for the encouragement that you've given me. I have to say that this week has been much better than last. Last Monday was a rough day but it worked out. Things "Came to Pass..." As I was praying last Monday during preparation day I got this feeling that everything would work out and not to worry.

Concerning my pictures I received this feeling that I'll be able to get them back somehow. The power of prayer is real and sometimes I take it forgranted. We need to always pray with all of our heart and will all of the energy that we have. When we do this we demonstrate to the Lord our needs and our willingness to ask for direction. Sometimes we (I) pray to Heavenly Father and it probably is like a voice recording to Him and then I hang up. However when we don't sit and listen for an answer, the Lord can't respond to us as directly. Nothing ever get's done when people play phone tag... We need to pray fervently and then wait and listen for Him to respond. As I've used this in my personal prayers, the Spirit has been stronger and has guided me by answering my questions.

On Tuesday I was able to go on an exchange with my district leader. This definitely was divinely orchestrated. We had such a great day. I felt impressed to tell him about my photo problem and he told me about his last companion who frequently had his pictures deleted. He said to not take any more pictures on the card, which luckily I hadn't, and to send the memory card to him because his sister has a program where she can retrieve the pictures that have been taken on the card. It was very comforting to hear about so I sent it to the other Elder and hopefully everything will work out. My companion had an extra memory card that he said I could use until I get another one. That was very nice of him. I'll check today when we go to Walgreens to see if my camera's messed up. I hope it isn't...

However during the exchange right when we got to the apartment we got a call from the Sister missionaries saying that a woman came to the chapel looking for us. She said that the missionaries taught her a while ago and she wanted to know when she could get baptized. Last week we were going through former investigators and her name stuck out me. We stopped by her house seeing how she was doing but she wasn't home. I had a feeling to leave a note on the door and then we left. Apparenly this note helped her remember how she felt when the missionaries taught her and she wants to get baptized. We called her and scheduled an appointment to come by and teach her. However she cancelled the first because she was at the dentist and the second she cancelled for another reason. We invited her to come to church and she came yesterday. Slowly but surely she's going to get baptized.

Another miracle that we had during this exchange with Elder Weese is that we found a new investigator. As we were knocking doors we knocked his and he came to the door in a robe and my first impression was, okay...? However he invited us in and was very interested in what we had to say. He was born in Cuba but then he moved to Italy. I thought Cuban was hard enough but now it's with an Italian accent. Very strange and hard to understand sometimes. However he's an awesome guy. He's an artist and his paintings are absolutely amazing! I wish you could see how good he is. As my District Leader and I taught him the first lesson he accepted a soft baptismal invitation (which is without a date.)

We went back to teach him on Thursday and talked to him a little bit more about the Book of Mormon. It wasn't the best lesson but he understood what we were trying to say. We came back Saturday and that lesson was fantastic. We talked about how the Spirit answers our questions that we have and he is really interested. I had a feeling to share an experience that I had while I was on my way to Florida how the Book of Mormon calmed my fears and answered my questions that I had. For some reason I could not speak in Spanish. After I shared (as best that I could) the experience and the scripture he said, "I couldn't understand the words that you were saying, but for some reason I could understand what you were saying perfectly.

He compared me to Moses where he couldn't speak very well but through the Spirit he could teach powerfully. I guess I got a new nickname with him... Moses... Haha. It was a very neat experience to witness the power of the spirit and the reality of the gift of tongues. For me I've realized that the gift of tongues isn't being able to speak perfectly. Sometimes yes, but usually it's being able to communicate through the Spirit. It was a very strong testimony builder. The exchange was a very spiritually strengthening experience. This day changed something in me and helped me feel the joy in missionary work.

It's so exciting to hear about the Pilot program that is taking place in the ward. I know our Bishop will be an incredible bishop for this program. I'm excited for the experiences that will come into your lives as you look for opportunities to share the gospel. Some advice that I'd give to you is to pray specifically for opportunities and then act on it. Once you have spiritual experiences through missionary work, share them in Testimony Meeting. As you do this it will encourage other members to "Catch the Vision" and to work harder to invite others to come unto Christ.

Dad, I'm so sorry that it's been so hot and humid in Utah. I wouldn't know what that's like here in Miami Beach... Last week it was only 101 degrees with 100% humidity... Well that was in the sun. Nevertheless it's hot! Lately however we have gotten quite a bit of rain. I love it! Last night there was a huge lightning storm! We were going to go visit a less active member and right when we walked inside it started to pour. Pretty cool. I opened my window last night so I could listen to the rain and thunder as I slept. Very nice :)

FYI Sam walked (in the Pioneer Trek) for Lott Smith last year... I remember! Just to let you all know that next week is transfer week, believe it or not, so P Day will take place on Tuesday not Monday.

You asked what pictures I'd like to have and I was thinking maybe some from Whitney's wedding, Stephen & Amy, Family Pictures from Andrew (even if they haven't been cleaned up yet), and just anything you think would be nice. Anything I'll love!

Well finally I'd just like to say how much I love and appreciate you all! You're the best family ever and I'm so glad to be part of this family. If there is anything that I can do for you all please let me know. I know that this is the Lord's work. Trials happen all the time but if we have an eternal perspective of this life, they don't seem so bad.

Satan is working hard to try and have me feel discouraged but as I continue to pray and have a smile while I teach I'm taking away the power from him and spreading the Kingdom as I invite others to come unto Christ. I love you all and pray for you daily. I know God loves us and helps us through our trials.

-Elder David Fullmer

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandma Teddy! I'll try and get a birthday card to you but if it's not there by Friday, forgive me! I love you!

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