Monday, August 13, 2012

From Cuba to Kansas Aug. 13, 2012

Dear Fullmer Family,

Well another week has come and gone and this week was full of many changes. I was transferred up to the area South Bay which is part of the city Belle Glade. It's such a small town but I love it! Definitely different than the last area that I came from, I'll have to send some pictures (They are attached). I'm serving in a small tiny little branch. Yesterday at church there were about 25 people there. It brings me back to the beginning of my mission when I served in the Miami Beach Branch. This is an English branch but we bring whoever we teach and if they speak spanish I get to translate :) I'm serving with my new companion from St. George UT. He's been out about five months. He's a great missionary and I'm excited to work with him. We're both learning great new things :)
Well this week has been really great! There are some really great members in this branch. One of my favorite families is named the ***** Family. They are Mexican family who are so humble! It's a family of five who live in small little trailer. We went over and helped them clean out their air conditioning. I love talking with them. So humble and so giving to the missionaries. I'm very excited to be with them in the branch.

One of the recent converts in the area is named ^^^^ and her daughter is ###### . They're a Mexican family who are awesome! We went over there the other day to meet them. First we came in and talked with ^^^^ in Spanish, she doesn't know English. Then a little later ###### walked in, said hi and then went to the other room. Then about 5 minutes later she came back out, and was staring at me and asked, "What are you?" I was confused... I didn't really know what to say... Then she asked again, "What are you? Like where are you from?" I said I'm from Utah and I'm American. She said, "really? Because you don't have an accent. I don't get it! I've never met anyone who's white and doesn't have a gringo accent!" It was pretty funny. I always thought I had a bad accent but apparently not. Haha.

So I've got a really funny story! So on Friday we had a zone meeting up in Stuart which is about an hour and a half away. So we drove up there and it was such a beautiful drive just seeing all of these open fields. We had the meeting and it was good but when we came out the car we came up in had a flat tire... We had to change it and then get to a store to get it fixed. All in all it took such a long time!!! We got back around 6 o'clock but it was a good memory. Right now I'm living with other elders for the first time in my mission. They're so much fun! One of them reminds me of Stephen! We get along really well! Today we're going to be playing games in the church with some of our investigators and members. We're looking forward to it :) 

We have some great investigators. We have like four families that we're working with and their going really well. One of them is named +++++ with her Daughter @@@@@. They should be getting baptized this next weekend. I'm happy to be in this area working with some great people. Well that's all I've really got to share for today. I'm so happy to be in this area and ready to learn and grow. Have an awesome week! I love you all!
-Elder David B. Fullmer

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